@Mark_Eveleigh PRO 8:29am, 27 February 2015
Firstly, apologies to anyone who ended up feeling like they were 'left out in the cold' when the first group fizzled to a standstill. I'd set it up as a great way of networking among the few serious pros who seemed to be the bulwark of Flickr in those days but the group quickly evolved into something far more.

By networking together we soon built up a strength that would be hard to find alone and began to share assignments. I would often get a request from an editor for a shoot that I was unable to do and would pass it on to one of the others (and vice versa). The group evolved eventually into The WideAngle photographers network (still holding its own today).

It seems that the other moderators who were running that group also lost interest so - after a lapse of almost a decade - I'd like to get Publish and Be Damned up and running again and to see if we can use it to boost more talented young photographers onto the path of serious pro photographers.

Please let me know what you think...
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