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Welcome to the HiViz users group, HiViz kits provide a truly DIY access to many different aspects of motion capture, simple to construct and use while being very affordable. I'm amazed by the creative genius you have, and the inventive ways you use the HiViz controllers to produce your images, did you know Loren is now producing a drop controller kit called "AstroSplash" I'm sure we will enjoy the exact timing to produce even better Art.


  • Water thickener

    I've been keen to add colour and water thickener to try and emulate some of the ...

    RK Smith51 months ago9 replies

  • double or triple flash discharge in les than a second

    Hello. Im new in this group and I wonder if someone have the same problem as me....

    Checomex52 months ago2 replies

  • What responds most quickly, Sound or Photo gate.

    I was very surprised, I turned up an adaptor for the end of my air pistol, the a...

    RK Smith54 months ago7 replies

  • A New Label for your MT2

    I found this on the HiViz Facebook page and copied it here. Print it out and tra...

    RK Smith55 months ago2 replies

  • Drop tank

    I'm just getting into high speed photography with my mtbb kit form hiviz (once a...

    Sublime Visuals55 months ago5 replies

  • Battery operation

    I found that with the MT2, even when the LEDs were bright there was a point when...

    RK Smith57 months ago0 replies

  • Solenoid Valve Types

    I found out today while experimenting with the two types of Solenoid vale that I...

    RK Smith57 months ago1 replies

  • How does it all work

    If your thinking about trying this aspect of photography I'm sure you have many...

    RK Smith58 months ago2 replies

  • The wine glass pictures

    There is a super write up on how to create these images here www.diyphotograp...

    RK Smith58 months ago2 replies

  • AstroSplash

    Now that the AstroSplash is ready for shipment we can take the guesswork out of ...

    RK Smith58 months ago8 replies

  • Solanoid Valve setup

    Has anyone got a recommendation of how to construct a 3 valve system. I want to ...

    RK Smith58 months ago5 replies

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