Popcorn Week

waynexin1 2:58am, 4 February 2015
I looked through the photos and seen the questions we had are not being answered so I decided to start a discussion for each week.

Prat had a question on what was my idea I had for the photo.

My idea was to make the train look like it was going through snow. Instead of snow I used the popcorn.

What I did not like about the photo was I did not have enough popcorn to cover the entire scene was one issue. Another issue I had was I wanted to have a background that looked like the sky. The material I had did not work out since it showed the folds in the material. In addition the materials really did not look like a sky.

The third issue is I should have put in some trees or something else to make it look more realistic.

The last issue I had was how much to be in focus.

It was a good idea in my mind, just did not spend enough time in developing it. PRO 3 years ago
I like your thinking, Wayne. Popcorn for snow is brilliant. Execution of idea can be a whole different challenge, I agree.
I would like to see you keep trying, though. Something special is bound to come out.
waynexin1 3 years ago
That's want I need to find the solution to is getting more dramatic lighting in the "studio" setting. I have seen some great photos and the lighting is really good. With this photo the lighting is too even and does not add too much to the photo.
aback account [deleted] 3 years ago
Ah-hah! Again, reading this post after I commented on your photo, and at least my guess on snow was right. Maybe a tilt-shift lens might have worked in order to make the train appear miniature as well in your popcorn/snow.
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