victoriaspencerr 9:08am, 3 March 2015
Oracle APPS Technical Online Training schema owns procedures, triggers, functions, packages, views and materialized views and has permission to access tables, indexes, sequences and constraints from other schemas (products). The APPS schema improves the reliability over Oracle E-Business database and reduces the time needed for installation, upgrade, and patching by eliminating the need for cross-product grants.

Oracle Apps Technical Online Training user has permissions to access all the objects that are part of Oracle E-Business Suite, developers should be connected to the database as APPS user (in a test instance) to produce their reports. Oracle also has helped developers by creating standards on database objects naming. All objects names starts with the abbreviation of the product. For example, the purchasing product has 'PO' as its abbreviation and all Purchasing objects start with 'PO_'.

Finding the data that you need in more than 50,000 objects is not an easy job. Knowing the naming standards of the objects and how they are storage facilitates developers' life. Oracle has also made available an Electronic Technical Reference Manual that has information about all the objects in all schemas.

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