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What way you prefer ...RAW or JPEG?

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Denimira Borisova is a group administrator Denimira Borisova says:

:) In my opinion RAW photography is the best,because u are able to make so many changes in your photo without discreasing the quality of your pic..its really confortable,for example,when u dont have time to react in some situation where u must make pics very quicly to catch the moment.. so..raw way is much easier if u can work with programs such as Photoshop or Light room..
4:11PM, 30 October 2014 PDT (permalink)

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Chewing Hides the Sound says:

Agreed.... why shoot JPEG, if you have a camera that can shoot RAW. More options as far as processing and potential for much better quality. I'm much more interested in the quality of the images I produce rather than how quickly I can get a lot of them up on the web.
41 months ago (permalink)

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Phillloyd fotographie says:

I think RAW is for the serious Photographer and Artist...JPEG is for the point and shoot snappers...in my view unless you are very talented at an early age....great Photography....comes in the same way that the Sea erodes High Cliffs......in later years.....
40 months ago (permalink)

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