Flower Pictures?

Philip_Barnard 10:00pm, 4 March 2015
Hi. Iv'e been a bad administrator and dropped the ball a little lately. I just wanted to remind people of the point of the group, it's about street photography, Here's a reminder of the point of the group.

"Any kind of Street Photography from around the world can be entered into this group. It just needs to have been taken in any City around the world, Extra brownie points for being able to instantly recognize the location from the photo. Please, if the City name is not in the title already, please could you add it in, maybe in brackets.

No Geo-Tagging required, Just be truthful please.

That's it have fun............"

I'm not that big on strict rules but flower pictures in a street photography group? as such I have started to delete some of the worst offenders, and try and prevent this group from becoming another picture dump......sorry to sound harsh, but it needs to be done]

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