Final Project

On Looking 8:05pm, 27 February 2015
The following schedule is provided to encourage workflow and production planning. During the next 2 weeks you will experience production process from beginning research, to generating an original work of art in printed form; and portfolio archive including digital images and printed portfolio samples. Please come to class prepared for the following material.


In response to your Sources Reflected assignment, make a work that explores the ideas and aesthetics you find desirable in a photograph. This project is open and you are encouraged to explore topics that interest you. Extended research is expected, as demonstrated in the Sources Reflected assignment. See SPECS below:

All work must be printed and presentation considered.
How many images does your concept require?
What size best represents your concept?
How do you arrange them on the wall?
Does your concept best represent as a single image (such as tableaux photography)? As a Diptych? Triptych? Series? Grid?
And how about your crop? Does the square crop 1:1 ratio best support your images (implies symmetry)? How about a panorama format (implies time, progression, narrative)? Possibly a montage of several images overlapping? Or do you value the original framing of the camera (no crop) and maintain the 3:2 ratio? etc.


By now, you should have research and pre-production shooting complete. You should have spent considerable time reviewing your images and making editing decisions for moving toward a reshoot and/or post-production editing for print output.

Project Printing - Bring at least one RAW project image file to next class. You will soft proof the image during class and print using roll papers. You should know in advance the size you will be printing the image(s).
If you would like to print on a specific paper, please let me know the paper type by Tuesday so the ICC profile can be installed on the lab computer.

Digital & Print Portfolio – Bring select RAW files for portfolio printing and JPEG formatting. These should be your best images from the course.
You may like to explore different paper surfaces and textures. If so, bring your choice of portfolio paper -- you decide paper size and surface. You might choose a sample pack of paper if you are undecided about desired paper surface.
Rec: Luster/Semi-matte paper, medium-to-heavy weight paper.
(My personal favorite paper): Rives BFK

You should also bring your preferred method for transporting your large image (tube, photo tissue, portfolio box/carrier, DIY carrier using foam board and gaffers or photo tape, etc.)

Schedule time during the week for working in the Digital Lab, editing and printing you final work. Images must be printed larger than 8.5x11 and printed by You! You will also need to assemble your 3-ring binder, format your digital portfolio, finalize your Statement of Intent. Please bring a printed copy to present with your final project for critique next week.

Final Critique/ Presentation
Final Printed Project, Digital Portfolio (on thumb drive) & Printed Statement due
Share 3-ring binders
Bring food/drinks, invite friends/family to help celebrate your hard work!
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