On Looking 3:19am, 27 February 2015
Digital Portfolio Requirements:
Bring to final class (WEEK 10)

Statement of Intent due: 250 words, include your intent for making work, inspiration/sources, content/subject, etc.

Refer to handouts and to page 289 in your course Text, Hirsch Chapter 14, and respond to the bulleted tips. Use your responses to craft your statement.

Please print out and hang next to your final project during critique. Also, save statement as a PDF and include on disk with digital portfolio:

Digital Portfolio: 10 digital images from the course of best work. Can also be images revisited with response from critique feedback.

Please bring your selected images as RAW files to class to 1) Print a few sample images for a printed portfolio; 2) format images as JPEG files using LightRoom. If you would like to format the images on your own time, see below for formatting specs.
Please bring these selections to class on a thumb-drive to transfer*.

* NOTE: I will curate the submitted images for submission to the Photo Center Gallery Director for future consideration in the PCNW publication, website, and student exhibited work. Make sure you give me your best!


• Format images 2100px on the longest side and save as .jpg
• Save each file as: “Lastname_Portfolio01.jpg” – “Lastname_Portfolio10”
• Place on a thumb-drive and bring to final class

Image Inventory: Save PDF to portfolio an "Image Inventory" that details all the image information submitted to your portfolio. It should list image information as follows for each image:

Image #/file name, assignment title, image title, image final print dimensions (8" x 10"), output medium (archival inkjet print, pigment print), date

• EX:
1. Rhoades_Portfolio01.jpg, "Good Will Hunting", Undercover Superhero Costumes, 30"x20", archival inkjet print, 2012
2. Rhoades_Portfolio02.jpg, "This is How They Became", Pantry Animals, 6"x16", pigment print, 2012

Don't forget to bring your binder/portfolio containing all your assignments. This includes contact sheets, proof prints, research, statements, syllabus, assignment info, flickr comments, noted feedback from critiques and "dotted" contact sheet images, etc. I will not collect binders, they are intended to share during our final class celebration!

Oh yeah, guests are welcome to join us for critique and the celebration. Please bring your favorite convenient treat to share with all!
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