On Looking 6:02pm, 23 January 2015
Making Photographs: Please view the following images in the Hirsch Text* and read the captions.

Pg 86 Myoung Ho Lee
Pg 109 Nahan Baker
Pg 110 Toni Hafkenscheid
Pg 131Atta Kim
Pg 154 Stephen Hilyard
Pg 155 Kerry Skarbakka
Pg 156 Joseph Labate
Pg190 Robert and Shana Parke-Harrison
Pg 206 Carol Flax
Pg 288 Justin Quinnell
Pg 312 William Wegman
Pg 315 Dan Burkholder
Pg 210 Jill Greenberg, Lisa Robinson
Pg 200 Fredrik Marsh

* The page #s are for the 5th ed. If you are using the 4th ed. please use the index to look up artist names.
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