Copy Stand TIPS

On Looking 9:12pm, 7 February 2015
Copy Stand and Camera Settings:

WB Lights = Tungsten/Incandescent, 2900-3200 K
Color Space (in camera and PS) = Adobe RGB
Image Format = RAW large (fine)
ISO = native ISO for your camera (100-200, refer to your user manual)
Aperture & Shutter = Depends, if below SS=1/40, use timer. F# focus is flat, no DOF concerns *
Focal Length = not less than 35mm for cropped sensor, 50mm for full frame. Adjust Copy Stand easel/arm to fill frame with image

*Tips: Don’t forget to turn off lens Stabilizer / VR ; Meter on a Gray card; Metering mode = Matrix/Evaluative is fine; If you have live view recommend manual focus @ 2x zoom until you see paper texture in focus. Review your histogram, expose to the right: guaranteed, the better you expose in-camera the easier the post-processing color correction.

If you need more time with the copy stand, remember to call ahead to reserve the copy stand. It does not cost to use but needs to be set up in a windowless room to avoid light contamination (remember to shut off the overhead fluorescent lights before shooting). Try to team up doing this, you may need an extra hand to help focus or flatten the book page. If placing glass plate over the book, make sure it is clean and that the lights are properly angled to prevent lighting glare.
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