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Please feel free to add or request resource topics via comments. I will do my best to provide supplemental information here.


For those who did not take the prerequisite for the course at PCNW, Digital Photography 1, I encourage you to purchase and read the full text used in the the course:

Photography, London, Upton, Stone (11th Edition)

Photography, London, Upton, Stone (10th Edition*)

*See if there is and updated edition: the 11th edition is c. 2013. Be careful if you purchase any earlier version that it includes the addition of digital (I believe the 6th edition is the first introduction of digital).
If you wish to join a free online article database (this is where I download many academic articles about photography, great for research and inspiration):

Susan Sontag, On Photography:
John Berger, Ways of Seeing:

Robert Hirsch, Exploring Color Photogrpahy: From Film to Pixels 5th Edition (TMK newest and digital relevant version, but check for new editions...)

Robert Hirsch, Exploring Color Photogrpahy: From the Darkroom to the Digital Studio

Richard D. Zakia, Perception and Imaging: Photography - A Way of Seeing (4th Edition)

Video Tutorials for Software
Because software instructional books are updated/outdated with the release of each new version, I typically do not use text books that are software exclusive instruction, and subscribe to video tutorials.

Adobe Student Store (student discounts on software, pick up PCNW student ID @ front desk, and inquire on eligibility for student discount)


Recommended External Hard Drive:
LaCie 250GB - 3TB

My personal Fav:

Western Digital External Hard Drive:

Archival Printing Paper (and photo supplies):
PCNW utilizes Epson printers for which you will need to purchase you own paper if not using the lab supplied stock. Paper should be professional, archival and compatible with the Epson printer you wish to use.

Glazers is a great local resource for this. Check with the front desk for lab hours (when classes are not in session and when a monitor is available to assist your printing).

PCNW Printers:
Epson 3800 (up to 17" wide, with photo/matte black ink)
Epson 4800 (up to 17" wide, with photo/matte black ink)
Epson 7600 (up to 24” wide, with photo black ink)
Epson 9800 (up to 44" wide, with photo black ink)

Suggested Papers:
The PCNW printers use pigment inks (that means ultraChrome Ink) they will not work with dye ink papers.
EPSON (3800 Premium Photo Paper Semi-Gloss sheets & Media) for proof prints* and contact sheets.
3800 Printer:
4800 Printer:
7600 Printer:
9800 Printer:
Check out Ilford professional papers at Glazers

*keep in mind that final proof prints should use the same printer and paper of the final ouput. Initial test prints can be ran on the same paper as contact sheets, as they are intended for conceptual and pre-production review.

Free (sample swatches) Gels/Filters for flash and/or lens at local theatre lighting supply stores:
660 S. Dakota Street
Seattle, WA 98108-5226
Phone | 206.292.2353

RE: Hollywood Lighting should have larger "swatchbooks" available (3"x5" book) for $5 (the free sample filters/gels as demo'd in class are approx. 1.5"x4" and will fit over you lens).
AV-PRO, Inc.
Audio-Visual Products, Inc.
825 South Dakota Street
Seattle, WA 98108
hours are 9am - 6pm, Monday through Friday
also open every third Saturday 10am - 2pm
2414 SW Andover Street C100 Seattle Washington 98106

Links to filter/gel supplying companies:
Lee Filters:

Online supplier:

Glazer's supplies the Rosco "Strobist" gel kit for $10 (on the lighting department side).


Panda Photo is an excellent professional resource that can print your image, and they are very friendly with PCNW students. Let them know, and they will be accommodating.

Other helpful resources:

RAW file DNG converter (download): :
Fast Stone Viewer is a free RAW image viewer. When you go to download it, one of the available options is for a portable version -- the whole application can be stored and run from a thumb drive without actually installing anything onto your computer. Students have used it to look at unprocessed RAW photos on computers that don’t have any photo software installed on them. In addition to this, it has a contact sheet builder component that allows you to include some of the metadata for your images.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies

B&H Photographic Supplies

Paper and Printing supplies:

Light meter:

Websites for Photoshop Technique:

Websites on Photography Technique:

Resources for Digital Camera Reviews and Information:

Nikon Resources:
Off-Camera Flash

Canon Resources:
Groups Beta