On Looking 8:06pm, 15 January 2015
This assignment challenges the active process of critically seeing your subject in both form and content.

Your goal is to create one dynamic image that directs the viewer around the image using Elements of Composition (as many as you can) as your guiding tool; Your image must also communicate a message (any message that you are passionate about). When composing the image in both form and content, you will need to consider this primary intent: If you were to crop the image later how would this crop change the image intent/message/meaning? This will be our critique discussion next week as we explore the power of crop and the photographic edge.

1. Shoot in RAW Format
2. Shoot a minimum or 150 images, all in full Manual Exposure Mode. If you choose to construct your image then less images are required. Try taking some documentation shots of your process, setup, and other aspects of the making. If your approach is more about waiting for that decisive moment, then less images will result, so consider the amount of time your spend observing and establishing your shot. How long did you anticipate?
3. Review your images from the shoot and select the best 20 images from your shoot. Print one contact sheet (20 images max) and bring to class next week. You may use the printing service for your contact sheets if you do not have a printer of your own. Please maximize the image size. If images are too small to see, print 2 sheets of 10 images per page. Please do not print on copy paper...
4. Select one image from the shoot for critique and post to flickr. Provide exposure information including: Aperture, Shutter-Speed, ISO, WB, Focal Length, Lighting Description, Metering Mode, etc.
5. List all the elements of composition you used, how do they help direct the viewer around the image (first read, second read, third read), where do you intend to crop the image later, and how will this crop change the meaning of the image?
6. Bring your RAW file of the selected image to class next week for basic RAW processing and printing. You may transfer the image from your memory card or bring on a flash drive or external drive. You will use this file during class to learn basic RAW processing and send this image to the printer. If time permits, you will also crop the image as intended to change the meaning and send the cropped version of this image to the printer.

• Please refer to the group pool for images I recommend as inspirational content.

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