26 by 26 11:58am, 19 November 2014

Hi 26 by 26 folks!

We're delighted to announce that the Members' Book is now available to buy.
The book's been receiving some very positive feedback so far, we're really pleased it's been so well received!

Since it's a long post here's a summary list

• Standard and extended edits
• Where to buy
• Softcover book details
• How a digital purchase supports the project
• Amazon book and Members' Book Flickr Group
• Next year's project

Standard and extended edits
The standard of all the submissions to the project was incredibly high throughout 26 by 26 which made for a difficult selection process and, if we do say so ourselves, a damn fine looking book! It comes in a variety of formats, sizes and edits. Here's the final selection for the two edits of the book...

Standard Edit (112 pages) >
Extended Edit (156 pages) >

Where to buy

Hardback (extended edit) →

Softcover (extended edit)
Small Softcover (extended edit)

Digital editions for tablet, mobile and desktop devices (extended edit):
eBook for Apple devices→
eBook for Android devices →
PDF for any device →


Hardback Editions
The hardback books come in either standard or extended edit formats. They are approximately 25x21cm in size and printed by Blurb in Holland. They're priced at £32.49 for the standard edit and £38.19 for the extended edit version (not including delivery).


Softcover Editions
The softcover books also come in either standard and extended edit formats. They are approximately 24x20cm in size and are also printed by Blurb in Holland. They are priced at £27.49 for the standard edit and £33.19 for the extended edit version (not including delivery). Like all the printed versions of the book we make no profit from its sale.


Small Softcover edition
This features the extended edit, is smaller than the Blurb books at approximately 21x13cm and is printed by MagCloud in the USA. It's priced around £16.60 not including delivery.

The print quality of the images in the MagCloud book are exactly the same as in the Blurb books despite the large difference in price, Magcloud is owned by Blurb. However the colour management process at MagCloud isn't quite as good as Blurb's. Colour photos aren't affected but some Black and White photos have a slight red tint. It's a subtle effect that lots of people wouldn't notice but I thought I should mention it.

By purchasing a digital copy of the book you’re helping to support the project
52 by 52, 26 by 26 and 12 by 12 are non-profit organisations but there are some costs needed to run the projects, for example the website hosting, promotional postcards, book dummies etc. The printed formats are all sold at cost prices, with the project making no profits from these. However a proportion of the price of the digital editions does go towards helping to support the project and enables us to attract new members. So thank you if you’ve bought a digital copy of the book!


Future plans for the book
At some point in the new year we plan to sell the book on Amazon so it can potentially reach a larger audience. To do so unfortunately Amazon charge a fee for selling the books (15% plus $1.35 per copy) and demand that the book can't be sold cheaper elsewhere. So we'll have raise the price on Blurb too, so grab the books whilst they're at the lower price!

Over the next few week's we'll be inviting images that have been included in any of the editions of the book to a new Flickr group.

It's a handy way of showing all of the included photographs in one place. We did the same for last year's book and the results are shown on the 52 by 52 website. It's not necessary to join the group, only to add your submission to it.


Next year's project
Year 3 of the project is 12 by 12:
Join the Flickr group:
Sign up to the mailing list:

The project will be broadly speaking along the same lines as the previous two projects but with some (hopefully) interesting adaptations because the challenges will come once a month rather than fortnightly. We're planning on launching early next year, at the beginning of February or March is likely but we'll keep you informed as we get closer to the time.

Do excuse the long post, lots to cover! Any feedback or questions welcome...


26 by 26 Team
T Silva Posted 4 years ago. Edited by T Silva (member) 4 years ago
First, congrats for the book, team. It looks amazing.

And yes, I'd LOVE to have the extended edit version of the hardback book!
Mike.Reed PRO 4 years ago
Congratulations ...great effort well done
Yes I prefer hard bound over soft cover versions
david_gillett 4 years ago
Thanks both!
Just to clarify, the hardback book's is definitely happening. It's just whether there's a call for the additional extended edit version for the medium sized books (hardback and softcover), despite the extra cost.
Leripix Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Leripix (member) 4 years ago
My choice is undoubtedly a book with the highest number of photos whatever the size.
I would definitely go for the extended edit, medium size - softback - if it was made available. Second choice would be extended edit, medium, hardback. Hope this helps:)

Thanks again for your hard work in producing this unbelievable showcase of our great year of 26!
I have purchased the PDF version and would also like a hard-backed extended medium version. Thanks for all you are doing for the group.
MOD1966 4 years ago
I would definitely go for a hardback medium version of the extended edit as the extra photos are so good! It would be a welcome addition to my photography book collection.

Well done again on producing such quality book(s).

Larry Larsen PRO 4 years ago
Thanks to everyone that has made this an stimulating flickr group and to those folks who have given their time to make this book.

I purchased the MagCloud version because I live in the US resulting in lower shipping costs.
david_gillett Posted 4 years ago. Edited by david_gillett (admin) 4 years ago
Here's a video preview of the standard edit Hardback book...
(The book in the video is a proof copy of the hardback edition, the final version has a few minor design layout changes. Links to preview both the final book edits is at the top of this post)
dongbide PRO 4 years ago
Thank's a lot to the TEAM, who made so much efforts to make this group enjoyable.
The result in printed form is amazing! I've bought the ebook already, but also want to order a paper-book. Have not decided which one, but will soon.

Even I had other suggestions for the future for this group, I could see, most didn't agree with it. So, it turned out in the opposite direction. Doesn't matter, it's good, the majority's wishes should be considered.
I guess, also the coming year will be successful for this group and its members. See you all then!

Thank's again!
26 by 26 4 years ago
Thanks for the comments everyone, it seems as though there's a desire for an extended version of the book, which is great news. So we've created editions in hardback and softcover formats (see the amended post above or for links to buy the new editions)
26 by 26 4 years ago
Shipping times for the book...

(excluding the small softcover version)
Extended hardback arrived. Brilliant! Love the layouts and all the inspiring images. Really chuffed to be included. Thanks to the Team and all members. Happy Christmas to all and looking forward to new challenges.
Larry Larsen PRO 4 years ago
I received my copy of the extended version a week ago. It looks great. I am pleased to be included with such a talented group of photographers. Many thanks to the admins and whoever did all the work to produce this book. I am looking forward to seeing new photographers and tough challenges.
Richard Stern 4 years ago
Just got my copy of the extended edit hardback. You guys did a fantastic job with the layout and production of this superb volume. Glad to see one of my photos made it, and sorry about my earlier moan when when found I was not in the short version. Great to have this "hard copy" of so many good photos, and power to the elbow of you organisers for 12 by 12 which I look forward to in 2015.
IngeHG PRO 3 years ago
Just received mine (the extended hardback). It looks so great and I'm feeling very honoured to have an image in there. Thanks very much to the 26 by 26 team and the book team, looking forward to the 12 by 12 challenges :-)
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