Any news?

Attic Light 6:05am, 24 June 2014
I'm sure I'm not the only one itching.
How goes the unenviable task of sorting through so many great shots?
Any timeline on year 3? I'm looking forward to being challenged and humbled again.
david_gillett 4 years ago
Quick update:

The preselections for the book were made a few weeks ago and what will be the near final selection was created on Sunday. We'll discuss this edit as a team by next Sunday with any changes being made early next week.

So we're close. I can't put an exact date on the book at the moment but I'd say 3-4 weeks maximum. We need to gather the images and titles from members, perhaps convert them to the correct CMYK profiles, check a test print etc.

As for Year 3, we've made good progress with a number of challenge setters already agreeing to take part. We'd like to hold off with an "official" announcement until the book is released but we're aiming for late summer, so around September.

Hope that helps!
Palofperu PRO 4 years ago
This is great, thanks David.
Palofperu PRO 4 years ago
How's it looking David? 26 seems so long ago now.
Palofperu PRO 4 years ago
Just read your response on the other discussion thread, great news :)
26 by 26 4 years ago
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