Change of rules?

dongbide PRO 9:29pm, 8 April 2014
Hi everybody,

I enjoyed working together with you in this group. There was a kind of friendship in here, members encouraging each other, commenting freely and honest. Nice was also to see that, during the months, many new members joined us too.
For the coming year, my suggestion for the admins is: Make the rules a bit tighter, otherwise, there is no excitement anymore!
To create a photography for each instruction, two weeks should be enough.
There is no need to give an additional month after the year is over.
What I didn't like in this years round, that one member, shortly before the pool definitely was closed, put in fifteen shots, almost at once, never before in any way participating in anything, while all other members did their best to follow up with their uploads, instruction by instruction. Of course, I much do admire Daniella's work, but in her case here in 26 I ask myself: what was her motivation?
I don't think I am the only one with this kind of feelings, but I feel free to speak about. And even if I am, I like to repead my plead to the admins:
Increase the excitement by making more restrictions!

Best regards,

Larking About Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Larking About (member) 4 years ago
Hi Peter
I can see your point and am glad you voiced your opinion. I genuinely hoped to participate each fortnight, and looked forward to and read each instruction, but found it difficult to shoot for two briefs each fortnight (as I only get one proper shooting session each fortnight and do spnc). I actually took shots along the way but wasn't happy enough with some for inclusion, and with others I just needed to sit down and upload for 26by26 - and being very much a last minute person the deadline totally spurred me on to both sorting out what I had taken and taking more shots to fulfill more 26 briefs.

If you look back I was an active participant in year one - and at the very start of year two. Time issues caused my participation to slide but the intent to get stuck back in was always there and is very much there for year 3. And as I am the first to respond here - shows I totally do check out this group!!

I like the freer nature of this group and that month is a godsend to me. I remember last year quite a few people used it to complete their 52 and I thought it was a great idea. Anyhu I have rattled on long enough, it would be interesting to see people's thoughts on this
Palofperu PRO 4 years ago
If I'm absolutely honest my reaction to seeing so many brilliant shots uploaded in the closing days was 'Danielle's blown everyone out of the water at the last minute!' That said the month's grace allows it and your work is so fine I'm always glad to see it. This isn't a competition so I say bring on all the late treasures and lets enjoy them like the finale to a firework show. Maybe next year let us enjoy your work earlier, a feast before bedtime's not good for the digestion :-)
johnpaddler PRO 4 years ago
My first thought was year two book suddenly became better!
Leripix 4 years ago
I see Peters point but have always considered Danielle to be a fully paid up member of the group - one to lift the bar to high heaven for sure - but that is no bad thing. I too was very glad of the extra time. I'm looking forward to the time when Dani brings her own book out.
Paul Cruickshank 4 years ago
If anything remove some of the restrictions. The problem I had was that once I was behind because only one oic could be uploaded per fortnight, i was never going to catch up. So I would call for the removal of the only one pic per fortnight so that if one is behind, one can catch up very quickly with shots made either during the period of the brief, or after. It's a great project with some super talented photographers. I feel if further restrictions were imposed, it would kill the game. :-)))
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