26 by 26 8:52pm, 26 March 2014
Hi all,

I thought it'd be handy if links to all of the Galleries of Favourites were gathered together into a single post. The images that will be included in the Members' Book will all be drawn from these photographs.

So if there's an image you think absolutely *must* be in the book, add it into a gallery, then add that gallery to one of the discussions below. But be quick we're look at drawing up a short list of images within the next two weeks!

Any questions, pop them below.

Challenge #1 >
Take a subject as far out of context as possible.
— Andrew Zuckerman

Challenge #2 >
Photograph an image which exemplifies the essence of altruistic behavior.
— Steve McCurry

Challenge #3 >
Pretend you are an animal (earthworm, cat, bat, sparrow, etc.), imagine what you would perceive and take a photo from this perspective.
— Michael Reisch

Challenge #4 >
Make a photograph in collaboration with a subject, that enables the subject to get their message across.
— Tom Hunter

Challenge #5 >
Be inspired to be brave.
— Spencer Murphy

Challenge #6 >
Decide upon an emotion you wish to convey, use that as your guide to build your story.
— Ian Teh

Challenge #7 >
Remove the separation between yourself and your subject.
— Graeme Williams

Challenge #8 >
What is happening when you are asleep?
— Bieke Depoorte

Challenge #9 >
Take a blue photo.
— Evzen Sobek

Challenge #10 >
Imagine you’re a time traveler from a hundred years in the future. Make a picture that shows how you perceive this place.
— Carolyn Drake

Challenge #11 >
The answer is in the background.
— Remi Chapeaublanc

Challenge #12 >
Photograph a fake.
— Andreas Gefeller

Challenge #13 >
Take a photograph of a place that is less than one mile from your home.
— Fabrice Fouillet

Challenge #14 >
Photograph something you consider insignificant.
— Riitta Ikonen & Karoline Hjorth

Challenge #15 >
Take a portrait without showing the face.
— Tom Broadbent

Challenge #16 >
Make a picture entirely for yourself.
— Jim Naughten

Challenge #17 >
Make a picture that strives to demonstrate empathy for a subject you may not have necessarily felt a sense of emotional connection to before.
— Zun Lee

Challenge #18 >
Take a photograph using an image capturing device that is totally inappropriate to the subject matter.
- or -
Take a photograph of, or representative of, something normally immaterial or invisible. Such as sound, music, air pollution, toxic waste, love…
— Mark Neville

Challenge #19 >
Take a photograph of your present.
— Alain Laboile

Challenge #20 >
If for some reason you were told you would not be around when your children were adults, what image would you create for them?
— Elinor Carucci

Challenge #21 >
Photograph only in the dark.
— Julia Fullerton-Batten

Challenge #22 >
Photograph someone sleeping.
— Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Challenge #23 >
Tell me what your image is telling you.
— Jaap Scheeren

Challenge #24 >
Capture the split second that the image is just right.
— Sue Flood

Challenge #25 >
Lookup the meaning of “hiraeth” and take a photo of it.
— Bryan Schutmaat

Challenge #26 >
I want you to make an inspired and beautiful contribution to the culture that you are a part of. Document the process with an image.
— Simon Høgsberg

– Dave and the 26 by 26 Team
emgipics 4 years ago
Hallo 26 by 26, I do not know how to use all the ways that flickr offers like galleries or similaria. I can hardly charge on it my photographs because I am not a very technological person. In my opinion many photos deserve to be published on your book and I am glad to have your encouraging comments under my images..I would like to thank the administrators and all the participants for making me see beautiful photos in response to these challenges that were not always easy to face.
I don't know even if this place is good for my comment, if no please forgive me !

Happy to have spent this year with you and see you in the next Challenges
Mark W Russell Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Mark W Russell (admin) 4 years ago
I hope the detail below helps.

How do I make a gallery?

To create a Gallery just go to a photo that you want to add and click the "Add to a gallery" link within the More menu (Three dots drop down - top right of screen). From here you can create a new gallery or add the image to an existing one. Make sure you name the gallery, so you can find it again, when you are adding other pictures.

The "Add to a gallery" link will be available on "safe" photos. If you're viewing content and don't see the icon, it's because the member has decided not to allow their content be available for galleries.

When you have completed the gallery, copy the URL, and then paste into the relevant Challenge, enclosing in square brackets [ ].

More details:-
DionneJones 4 years ago
Great selection - I don't envy your decision x
Leripix 4 years ago
I'm not sure that I will get 26 galleries made in time but there are some real favourites that I'd love to be considered for the book - what's the deadline?
Otherwise, would a general 26x26 faves (possibly a couple of volumes) be considered?

I know you admins have a hard enough job as it is so quite understand if this would make your job impossible. Thanks for all your miraculous work over the past year.
Larking About 4 years ago
Yes is there an actual deadline for this?
Mark W Russell 4 years ago
Larking About:

within the next two weeks!
26 by 26 4 years ago
Hi Leripix:
Larking About:
We've got a team meet up on the 12th, so 11th absolute latest for consideration for the book, but the sooner the better!
But I'm going to send out the Galleries to the challenge setters once the book is released, so there's less of a rush for that.
Leripix 4 years ago
Thank you. Will you also be looking at composite galleries or just the brief-specific ones?
emgipics 4 years ago
Thank you Mark, as soon as I have a moment of time I'll try it.
26 by 26 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by 26 by 26 (admin) 4 years ago
Leripix: For the book we'll use the gallery discussions linked to above.

But if they're just general galleries of your favourite 26 by 26 entries (not for consideration for the book) you can post them in the "Show your sets and faves!" discussion:

I hope that makes sense. It's a faff having to post into separate discussions I know but if we didn't do it this way it'd make putting the book together a nightmare!
Steve Leverett PRO 4 years ago
Hugely difficult ... my tops:
sobrenivel 4 years ago
Until what day we can add our fave´s sets, please?
david_gillett 4 years ago
sobrenivel: The Friday just gone was the last day we'd consider the fav sets entries for the book. But the discussions will be open until Year 3 has started in a few months so you can always post them anyway.
sobrenivel 4 years ago
Ok David, many thanks!

I added some days ago the faves from #1 to #16, sorry but I hadn´t time to do the last 10 challenges.
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