26 by 26 1:53pm, 27 February 2014
Hi all,

We've removed the limit on the number of images you can add to the pool per week so you can catch up with any challenges you've missed. There's just four weeks until the pool closes for entries!

Please do remember the group's first rule:

"The submission must represent new work taken in response to the challenge (no old photos)."

ā€” The 26 by 26 Team
sobrenivel 4 years ago
Julia M Cameron PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Julia M Cameron (admin) 4 years ago
Just a reminder of the rules

1. The submission must represent new work taken in response to the challenge (no old photos).
2. The challenge number must be included in the photo title or description (e.g. #3 Title).
3. Only one photo submitted per challenge.
4. We only accept photographs into the group pool (no illustration, 3D art, graphic design, etc).
5. It must have been taken by yourself.
6. No nudity.

(submissions that contravene these rules will be removed from the group pool)

Julia (admin team)
david_gillett 4 years ago
Thanks Julia.

Just in case it's unclear... the main point is that any submission must have been taken with the brief in mind.

That could mean photos taken for a challenge anytime after it was released but that you didn't post to the group, or perhaps more likely, images that will be taken in the next month to previous challenges.

Any questions, pop them below.
Paul Cruickshank 4 years ago
I posted a number of pictures last night all after the time frame for instructions. I always look here at the briefs and keep them at the back of mind when out shooting even keeping a print of the briefs in my wallet. I am rubbish at getting round to submitting and sometimes I don't manage to get the shot I'm after in the time-frame, as I'm usually busy with SPNC. Hope all is ok with my recent uploads. :)
david_gillett 4 years ago
Hi Paul,

We're fearful that people could retro-fit old images to fit the briefs, but as you've explained that's not the case with your submissions, so they're fine :)
Paul Cruickshank 4 years ago

I take your point. It's also very difficult to 'catch up' during the year as only one picture can be posted each 2 weeks.

It might be idea to review to review this that people can be up to date earlier in the year closer to the actual dates on the instructions.

Mark W Russell 4 years ago
Paul Cruickshank:

Hi Paul
I think I am correct (but will stand corrected if I am not) that the posting constraints during the year allowed for a posting every week, so one could post a "catch up" after the 2nd Sunday as the week clicked over. Our constrain in terms of rules was; 3. Only one photo submitted per challenge.
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