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Challenge #26:
I want you to make an inspired and beautiful contribution to the culture that you are a part of. Document the process with an image.
– Simon Høgsberg

Simon adds…
“You could plant a tree, you could call someone whom you know needs the call, or you could form a group of positive, like-minded individuals. You decide. I want you to be courageous and to do something that will inspire the rest of us to follow your example. Make sure to photograph every step you take and submit the one image that best catches the essence of your action.”

Faces of New York >
10 New Yorkers talk about their faces.

100 meters of human existence >
A single composite photograph presenting portraits of 178 people walking across a pedestrian bridge in Berlin.

Free Advice Project >
One week, 50 people, free advice about everything + coffee.
All images copyright of Simon Høgsberg


This is the final challenge for this part of the project. For information about the Closing date, Members' Book, Galleries and Year 3 see the 26 by 26 News discussion.

The group pool closes Thursday 27th March so you've up to five weeks to create your contribution to culture :)

As ever we're looking forward to hearing people's thoughts, good luck for the final challenge everyone!
— 26 by 26 team
g*treefrog Posted 4 years ago. Edited by g*treefrog (member) 4 years ago
Julia M Cameron PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Julia M Cameron (admin) 4 years ago
Effstopeyes show Fusion Norwich 4
Running a group for photographers with visual impairment and getting a show of their work on a large public screen to raise awareness.

Theatre Royal Open Day, Light Beam and White Stick

On a shoot.

Monty May (OBSERVE) PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Monty May (OBSERVE) (member) 4 years ago
Onegin #2

The Spirit

St. Aubin/s.Mer

Kyrkö Mosse # 2
dacaccia Posted 4 years ago. Edited by dacaccia (member) 4 years ago
A journey to Budapest in 2010, just after Orban's election.

Man with Milkpot

See the whole album:
maximilianen 4 years ago
Shimano Official Supplier UCI World Championships Toscana 2013
Julia M Cameron PRO 4 years ago
This is proving to be the most challenging of challenges!
The crux of this challenge seems to be to set something up (or already have) by way of a community activity. Take note that the setter created an advice and coffee stand where he was able to engage people in conversation and hear their troubles etc. That means taking the initiative, not just finding something that is already there created by others (no processions, random street shots, sponsored walks, dressing up….) unless you are involved in setting up the actual community activity.
Luckily we have more time than usual to think of something suitable, set it up and take a beautiful image …SIMPLES!!!!!
gri2011 4 years ago
Julia M Cameron:

Happens to me as well!
Julia M Cameron PRO 4 years ago
Just another observation!

I am not over fond of pictures requiring a long and detailed back story in the description. With this challenge there does seem to be a need for a few words on what the photographer has contributed to culture. It may not be possible to convey this in one image, even though you may have captured the "essence" as asked for by Simon Høgsberg.
Simon five 4 years ago
The definition of community from the Oxford dictionary.
Mark W Russell 4 years ago
johnpaddler PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by johnpaddler (member) 4 years ago
N.B. The challenge does not use the word 'community', neither does this word appear in the explanation. Simon Høgsberg suggests: 'you could call someone whom you know needs the call'. That means you don't need to rent the town hall - relief! Unless that's your thing - then go ahead!

I read the challenge as 'give something back', but again that is just a reading.

I would suggest people look carefully at all the different projects Simon Høgsberg shows on his web site. Then think again about the wording and spirit of the challenge, and see if they can make something big or small, with whatever means at their disposal, in the two weeks available.

If I were to hazard a guess at what is different this fortnight, compared to the other twenty five, it would be that this time the photograph isn't the main thing. Ironically, for a photo-community, that may mean we end up with 'worse' photos. Alternatively we may produce 'odd' photos - which would be a good thing.
Julia M Cameron PRO 4 years ago
If I can just stick my head above the parapet….What Simon does say is:

" I want you to be courageous and to do something that will inspire the rest of us to follow your example. Make sure to photograph every step you take and submit the one image that best catches the essence of your action.”

"Photograph every step you take" onwards is the bit that indicates that we have to do more than just go out and take a shot. We need to have been active ("to catch the essence of your action") in setting up the situation and not just attending something set up by others. Instigate not just participate.
johnpaddler PRO 4 years ago
That's a bit sharp, Julia! I hope you don't lose your deposit on the Bouncy Castle.

I like your photographs, and I admire the way you throw yourself into each instruction 110% and manage to come up with some truly creative work. You are amazing! But people are different. They will approach the challenges whichever way they can...

That you and Simon five have thus far found it necessary to chastise such a high percentage of the challenge #26 submissions - this should tell you something. That people haven't read the text? That people don't know dictionary definitions of familiar words? I doubt it! Why did challenge #18 come with an alternative? Surely we could have cajoled the membership into renting land cameras? Why not?

It's the last instruction, we should be having a party. For kicks, a fête worse than death in a bouncy castle would definitely come a close second.
Julia M Cameron PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Julia M Cameron (admin) 4 years ago
johnpaddler: Slings and arrows now!
Just curiosity my dear Watson, not chastisement!
johnpaddler PRO 4 years ago
Sure feels like chastisement. For me, after already providing two sections of extensive background and explanation -

And for this guy too, if I'm not mistaken -
Look! Simon five has added a further exclamation of curiosity. Haha!
Leripix 4 years ago
This is a great instruction but it's a BIG ask for a 2-week slot, and time isn't the only constraint for most of us. It's a shame it wasn't posted earlier in the year. I'm confident that everyone who posts anything at all will be doing so with the best intentions and in the spirit of 26x26, however.

Just an idea . . . I wonder if we could start the next year with the same instruction but allowing photos taken from this week on, or maybe just have a discussion thread to post any shots resulting. Thus, anyone who wants to take the brief further and to the letter could post a photo which summarises what they've been up to?

Having said all that, it never fails to amaze me how wonderfully varied and resourceful we all are and always come up with the goods, week after week.
Palofperu PRO 4 years ago
A demanding brief to be sure. An inspred and beautiful contribution made by me to the culture I'm part of makes me think firstly, define which culture then contribute to that culture something that I think is beautiful and inspired ( bit bigheaded) and which inspires others. Gawd where's my trumpet. Ah well, haven't a clue truth be told.
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