26 by 26 10:19pm, 5 February 2014
Hi all and an *incredibly* belated happy New Year!
As we're hurtling rapidly towards the end of the 26 by 26 it seems like a good time to outline what's coming up for the last phase of this part of the project, and what comes after it. To keep things short and sweet this is just a summary, there'll be more info coming up over the next month or so.


The group pool will remain open for three weeks
To give everyone a chance to catch up with missed challenges we'll keep the group pool open for three weeks. You can submit to any of the 26 challenges and we'll remove the restriction on the number of submissions you can add to the pool per week in case there's a quite a few you'd like to complete. That means the group pool is open until Thursday 27th March.


26 by 26 Book
Since the 52 by 52 book went down so well last year, it was a foregone conclusion that they'd be a 26 by 26 follow up! It seems a good way to summarise and underscore what's been a enjoyable twelve months (nearly). In case you haven't already seen it the 52 by 52 book is now downloadable free as a PDF. This year's book will broadly speaking follow the same format and layout. There'll be print, eBook and pdf editions.

There could well be an XL version of the printed edition featuring a longer edit of the submissions. One pound of the final cost will go to the photographic charity PhotoVoice.

The submission process for the book will differ from last year with the 26 by 26 admin team drawing up a short list of images for each challenge that we'd like to include in the book. We'll contact the relevant members and ask if they wish to be included in the book and are happy to supply the original image(s).

The project makes no money whatsoever from the book, with the final price being the cost of production plus £1 to PhotoVoice.

The time from the closing of the group pool to the release of the book is yet to be decided, but a release date of between April and May is planned.


Galleries of Favourites
The short list for the images that will be included in the book will all be drawn from the Galleries of Favourites discussion for each of the challenges. There isn't an exact relationship between the number of times an image has been featured in a challenge's Gallery and the certainty of its inclusion in the book, but it's one of the key considerations.

So if there's an image that you'd really like to see included in the book, pop it in a Gallery created for the challenge, then submit that gallery to the appropriate Galleries of Favourites discussion. In the spirit of challenge #2 it's only possible to include other people's images within a Flickr Gallery.

Also the Galleries of Favourites discussions are sent to the challenge setters as a taster of the images submitted for their briefs. I've let sending these through slip for a while [*cough* 6 months at least, *cough*] but I'll be catching up once the project comes to an end in March. Without wanting to sound like a broken record… Challenge Galleries are good!

If you're unsure how to create a Gallery, add an image to it or submit the it to relevant group discussions do ask below.


Year 3
After the book has been published and project holiday taken, Year 3 will get underway. The exactly format of the Year 3 is still in flux but it will continue with the same basic principles as 52 by 52 / 26 by 26 but with a slight change of format. At the moment there're too many unknowable factors to say exactly when Y3 will kick off, but early summer 2014 would seem reasonable. We hope to see you there! (More details to follow).

26 by 26 news


As always thanks to everyone who's taken part so far, I'm really quite excited about what's coming up for the project in 2014! If something isn't clear or you've any suggestions or feedback about any of the above just leave a comment below.
Dave – 26 by 26 Curator

(for those old timers who bought a 52 by 52 printed book, how did you find price of the soft and hardback books? We're thinking of slightly increasing the page count, and therefore cost, but it'd be good to get your thoughts, ta)
Emma Georgiou PRO 5 years ago
I brought the hardback version and thought the pricing was fine. If the page count is going up and as long as the price doesn't spiral too much, I'm happy to pay more. It's been a nice addition to my bookshelf and a reminder of a wonderful project.
I've thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this. It's forced me to try new techniques and shoot subjects that I wouldn't usually. Getting just one image in the book would be a great achievement. Roll on the summer and year three too!
Simon five 5 years ago
Thanks for keeping us up to speed.
Julia M Cameron PRO 5 years ago
Another great year almost over with fantastic contributions from members. Thanks Dave for finding such amazing and often mind-blowing Challenges!
cjcrosland PRO 5 years ago
Thanks for this! It's great to know what's happening next :-)
It's been a very interesting and exciting year so far - fab challenges!
Mark W Russell 5 years ago
And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high

Oh, Your daddy's rich
And your mamma's good lookin'
So hush little baby
Don't you cry

One of these mornings
You're going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

26 by 26 has never been that easy, but the challenges have always been varied and vibrant, and the feeling when you have stretched yourself and nailed it..."you'll take to the sky!"
Paul Cruickshank 5 years ago
That's great! I always shoot with these briefs in mind as well as the SPNC ones. I don't always get round to submitting. Would be good if the limit of posting to the group was disabled as I have a few I'd like to submit. :))
Leripix 5 years ago
Yes indeed - thank you so much David and the Admins/Mods for keeping the show on the road so admirably. I haven't been as active this year as I would have liked - I even took shots for some challenges that never even got posted - so really welcome the time to try and catch up. Every challenge has had me raring to go even when I didn't submit. So good onya team and photogs. It's been a great year and I'm delighted the project is to continue.

I look forward to Paul's submissions with relish^^ :)

ps Only thought I have about last year's book - I thought it was excellent and pricing for both was fair - but I bought the softback immediately, not realising the hardback was coming and was even better with more content (but that was probably me not paying attention)
lakeland72 5 years ago
Have loved this project. Its really made me do different things with my photography and come out of my comfort zone, I've become more interested in trying new things so thank you for making this so enjoyable. I look forward to the next challenge in the summer.
It has been an interesting journey which has been very challenging for me at times, but also extremely enjoyable. Thank you to all involved. I have leant a lot since joining this group and look forward to new challenges in the next project.
Miles From Nowhere Photography PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Miles From Nowhere Photography (member) 5 years ago
Year Three Suggestion!

I imagine that the admin team have already considered all the possible combinations for year three, but I thought I'd make a suggestion anyway:

12 by 4 by 12

Once a month, four very different challenges are set (but "could" possibly all be based around a similar over-arching theme).

The idea would be to attempt at least one challenge per month. That way more casual members get to choose from four challenges and hardcore members get to push themselves to do all four (like the 52 by 52).
DionneJones 5 years ago
Another consideration for the next year - which echoes much of the work which some of the 26x26 members have been dipping in to anyway - A series of images challenge. Each month (?) the theme encourages the author to produce a set of 4 images to tell the story for the theme ??

Huge thanks to everyone involved in, what I am certain, is a huge amount of time and effort into hosting this fantastic group! I dof my cap to you all x
I like that Dione. I think were' singing from a very similar hymn sheet :-)
g*treefrog Posted 4 years ago. Edited by g*treefrog (member) 4 years ago
Thanks to the hardworking admins. During the course of the year I upgraded to an "entry level" camera the main spin off being random people started chatting to me. ......usually pleasantly .
darcydancer PRO 4 years ago
Hello admins, Thank you very much!!! you have done a tremdous job and I have welcomed your instructions although not particiapting as often as I am able. Paul Cruickshank: Ditto... I would like to be able to post more than 1 shot to catch up if this is possible. Whatever plan you have for year 4 Admins, I am sure it will be a good one and look forward to it :)
Mark W Russell 4 years ago
Paul Cruickshank:


Please note from David's notes earlier in this thread:-

The group pool will remain open for three weeks
To give everyone a chance to catch up with missed challenges we'll keep the group pool open for three weeks. You can submit to any of the 26 challenges and we'll remove the restriction on the number of submissions you can add to the pool per week in case there's a quite a few you'd like to complete. That means the group pool is open until Thursday 27th March.
sobrenivel 4 years ago
A very big thanks to the Admins for the hard work, during the last year!!

I think I lost only one challenge, so I have now the opportunity to do this more relaxed, I really enjoyed all challenges and I look forward to the new ones .
Steve Leverett PRO 4 years ago
Repeat all the thanks to and commitment of the drivers of these project. Always a challenge. Always a marvellous focus. Thanks for the opportunity to complete with the flexibility to the end.

Best regards All
Simon five 4 years ago
There seems to be a period about ¾ of the way into the year when I can't face any more challenges. Then at the end of the year I can't imagine being without it.
What will happen in the gap to the summer I can't think. I only have ongoing projects involving colour and fruit, one exploring the issues around failing sight (close to home this one) and a new set of pictures for our wo man akin project.

The hard work of the admins is really appreciated. Living so close to one (!!!) I appreciate the hard work they put in, not just the practical side but also the diplomacy, tact and careful thought needed to keep a hugely disparate group together and producing good work.
Thanks all.
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