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LornaMcHardy 1:04pm, 30 July 2013
Hi everyone...
now that Flickr have also changed the group layout to something I find almost impossible to navigate and that moves with the speed of a sedated sloth, I'm afraid I'm now out of everything except the alphabetical challenge I'm admin for... and that's no fun anymore either :0(

Just letting y'all know.
ireniclife PRO 5 years ago
I hear you sister. : ((
Julia M Cameron PRO 5 years ago
That's a shame...please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater though...there are still great challenges and photography to do in response in 26 by 26!
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 5 years ago
have you tried using it on an iphone? its absolutely impossible.

we need an opt out button.
Mark W Russell Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Mark W Russell (admin) 5 years ago
You can put the Communities into a "list" format which is a little quicker to scroll down. Go to "communities" page - See top right of screen - four squares symbols = pictures, three bars symbol = list.
ireniclife PRO 5 years ago

I can't access groups at all on my phone as files are just too large, it's such a pain!!
Leripix 5 years ago
Mark Russell123:

Oh - that's a lot better. thank you Mark:) Any other tips?
gri2011 5 years ago
Marcos Thank you very much!
Another suggestion, which I found very good to me, is order the groups by recent activity.
Mark W Russell 5 years ago

It is wonderfully cathartic to read the thread some of the nearly 1500 responses to the "communities" changes in the Flickr help forum.

I am calmness personified in comparison by some of the guys here and the responses from the Flickr team are classic. However I do have a life and try to steer clear of this madness as much as possible.
~ Meredith ~ 5 years ago
Thanks for the tip on changing the communities to a list view Mark. Makes it much easier to find what I am looking for. Shame the rest of it is such a mess. Now off to take a look and have a laugh at the Flickr forum :)
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