26 by 26 10:49pm, 14 March 2013
Hi everyone,

As most people know we used to have a rule which said "No heavy photo editing", after a team discussion this has been removed as a requirement for submission.

We came to realise that the aim of the previous rule was to maintain the project's focus on photographic responses to challenges rather than anything to do with image alteration per se.

So we've replace the previous rule with this...

We only accept photographs into the group pool

...adding a new FAQ which aims help further define this...

What type of imagery is acceptable as a submission?
Only photographs are accepted within the group pool. Images which could be described as illustrations, 3D art, graphic design, collages or typography do not fall within the remit of project.

Once text or mark making are applied to an image there is a danger that it could fall within the genre of graphic design. The project has no wish to restrict members' creativity but we do want the focus of the project to remain on photography, we're constantly looking to maintain a balance between those two factors. We accept the boundaries of various artistic genres can be permeable and the exact definition of what constitutes photograph can be subjective and so only work that clearly falls outside of the definition of a photograph (in our opinion) will be removed.

Balancing the desire for the project to focus on photography against wishing not to curtail artistic expression does seem to necessitate language which is open to a degree of interpretation. Without a touch of latitude within the rules one could end up either accepting all submissions no matter what, with the danger of diluting project's aims, or having rules which are tortuously prescriptive.

We realise that members represent the full spectrum of opinion on the use of photo editing software but the intention was to find a more nuanced approach to moderating the project than referring to post-production.

Do let us know if you've any questions.

ā€“ 26 by 26 Team
photodrum PRO 5 years ago
Thanks for this comprehensive review of the question and well formated response.
nualao PRO 5 years ago
Thanks for the clarification.
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