26 by 26 11:39am, 1 March 2013
Hi all,

To enable you to be notified about member submissions and discussions we’ve created @26by26_alerts, a Twitter account dedicated to highlighting new activity within the 26 by 26 Flickr group:

Up until now we've automatically posted updates about forum discussions to our Facebook wall and Twitter feed. But because the forums have been so well used it's meant it's been busy on our social media timelines... maybe a little too busy.

So from tomorrow we won't be automatically posting Flickr group activity to Facebook or our main Twitter account.

We're still going to post the challenges and general project news both here on Flickr, on Facebook and on our @26by26_project Twitter account of course. But we'd recommend following @26by26_alerts if you can as it's a great way to stay in touch with all the goings-on within the Flickr group.

Working out how to deal with a forum buzzing with anticipation is a nice problem to have to solve! If you've any questions about the new approach just pop them down in the comments.

– 26 by 26 Team
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