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----- Rules -----

1. The submission must represent new work taken in response to the challenge (no old photos).
2. The challenge number must be included in the photo title or description (e.g. #3 Title).
3. Only one photo submitted per challenge.
4. We only accept photographs into the group pool (see the FAQs below).
5. It must have been taken by yourself.
6. No nudity.

(submissions that contravene these rules will be removed from the group pool)

----- FAQs -----

Do I have to have a "proper" camera or be a professional photographer to take part?
Not a bit of it, any type of camera and level of experience is fine. If you're an amateur, having the chance to get key insights from well respected professionals is an amazing opportunity. For seasoned pros, having regular thought-provoking challenges can keep your shooting fresh.

What type of imagery is acceptable as a submission?
Only photographs are accepted within the group pool. Images which could be described as illustrations, 3D art, graphic design, collages or typography do not fall within the remit of project.

Once text or mark making are applied to an image there is a danger that it could fall within the genre of graphic design. The project has no wish to restrict members' creativity but we do want the focus of the project to remain on photography, we're constantly looking to maintain a balance between those two factors. We accept the boundaries of various artistic genres can be permeable and the exact definition of what constitutes photograph can be subjective and so only work that clearly falls outside of the definition of a photograph (in our opinion) will be removed. If you have a question about this, or any other group rule, then please add it to the comments in this thread and we will do our best to answer you as soon as we are able.

Is photoshoppery allowed?
Yes. There's no restrictions around how much the image is altered, as long as the result can still be described as a photograph (see above). This represent a change in the rules from year one of the project.

What's your stance on Watermarks?
Whilst watermarking of images is allowable within the rules of the project we feel that they can have a detrimental effect upon the interpretation of the image and so they are actively discouraged, the same applies to personal logos.

I don't feel particularly happy with my photo for this challenge, shall I still post it?
Definitely! We're keen that the Flickr pool isn't seen as a gallery of finished images, but instead a shared sketchbook. This passage from Bruce Mau's "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth" neatly sums up our approach to the group...
Process is more important than outcome. When the outcome drives the process we will only ever go to where we’ve already been. If process drives outcome we may not know where we’re going, but we will know we want to be there.
– Bruce Mau

How many images can I submit?
You can submit one photo for each challenge and there is a new challenge every two weeks. We've allowed one submission per week to the group pool in case you've missed a challenge. Flickr defines a week as starting and ending at midnight (GMT) on Saturday.

Can I contribute to a previous challenge?
Absolutely, if you'd like to start from the very first challenge or there's an early one that particularly appeals to you then go for it. In this case labelling and tagging the photo become more important to save confusion with the current challenge submissions.

Damn, I've missed a challenge, what do I do?
The idea of the project is to stretch your creative muscles, not to make you feel pressured or overwhelmed, if you miss some weeks that's not a problem. You always have the option to catch up if you want to take it and you can always look at others' contributions to give you inspiration for the future.

Do I have to join the Flickr Group to take part?
In theory no, you could play along at home and post your work just on your own blog, on twitter or nowhere at all. But we believe sharing your work with the group is part of the experience and so would recommend you do join the Flickr group.

How can I keep up-to-date with the challenges?
You can subscribe to the Mailing List, add the RSS feed to your reader, 'like' our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter or Pinterest. To be notified about member submissions and discussions you can follow @26by26_alerts, a Twitter account dedicated to highlighting new activity within the Flickr group.

Is the group moderated?
Yes, last year whilst running 52 by 52 most of the moderation was centred around prompting members to add the challenge number into the title or submitting work they'd previously shot for new challenges. Constructive criticism is an important part of the project but rudeness or bullying, (and other similar activities) degrades the experience for all and serial offenders will be warned, and thereafter would be subject to being banned from the group.

Using a SB-28 on a D70 with a SB-600?!
Whilst not opposed to discussing photographic equipment we are primarily focused on the images themselves rather than an in-depth technical discussion on how they were created. Klaus Pichler, a challenge setter for 52 by 52, summed up the group's approach quite well.
Most enthusiastic amateurs talking about photography is, in most of the cases, just technical talk, and this is a perfect opportunity for every participant to leave the nerd-talk behind and concentrate on the really important knowledge of photography - the story behind the pictures.
– Klaus Pichler

Are there particular tags/labels on Flickr or Hash Tags on Twitter/Facebook I should be using?
Please include the challenge number in the photo title e.g #5 so it's clear which challenge the photo relates to. It's possible but less desirable to include the challenge number in the photo description instead. You can use a 26by26 tag within Flickr and the hashtag #26by26 on Twitter or Facebook.

How do I contact 26 by 26?
If you know of a photographer who you think would a good challenge setter or you'd like to lend a hand with running the project please get in touch by emailing us, you can also post to our Facebook wall or Tweet us.

The 26 by 26 Team
photodrum PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by photodrum (member) 5 years ago
Please define "heavy" photo editing. I edit every single photo in Lightroom and in other software applications. In fact I truly believe that EVERY digital photograph is not complete until some refinement work has been done. Sometimes it is merely a crop but can progress to denoising, sharpening, curves and levels adjustments and in other cases compositing multiple images. I want to follow the intent of the rule but would like to know where "light" editing ends and "heavy" editing begins. For the first assignment I posted an image that was extracted from the background. I would consider this light editing but others may disagree. The images I posted in the discussion thread were more heavily edited including composited images.
Julia M Cameron PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Julia M Cameron (admin) 5 years ago

Hi Fred,

This is a very interesting question..."what is heavy editing"?
The 26 by 26 team is in the process of discussion on just this point. Please bear with us until we have come up with something a bit in progress!

Thanks for raising the matter.

26 by 26 Team
JanD2012 5 years ago
And nudity? I have a shot that I'm considering submitting to the pool. It is a candid shot but does show a backside - is it permitted?
26 by 26 5 years ago
Hi, JanD2012, there's no nudity allow within the group pool I'm afraid.

Of course it's a complex debate as to precisely what constitutes nudity. Really we're trying to avoid images which might offend other group members, compromise the group's status as family friendly or be considered pornographic. All of those factors are subjective of course but we'd prefer to err on the side of caution, especially as we're at such an early stage within the project.

I hope that helps?
– Dave
JanD2012 5 years ago
Hi Dave ... thanks for the clarification!
26 by 26 5 years ago

Hi Fred,
After a team discussion we've altered our rules so that any post-production is now acceptable. We came to realise that the aim of the previous rule was to maintain the project's focus on photographic responses to challenges rather than anything to do with image alteration per se.

We've added a new FAQ which aims to address this, it's "What type of imagery is acceptable as a submission?" found above.

I hope that answers your question?

— Dave
scala66/Paul Marsh PRO 5 years ago
rules are rules, but id have to disagree with this change. i think obviously some editing of the photo is allowed, but i do hope we are not going to go down the extreme route of manipulation.
~ Meredith ~ 5 years ago
Hey Guys

Just tried to upload my submission for challenge 2 however it's telling me that the pool limit is one per week. I'm assuming it's because I posted challenge 1 last Sunday?


ps. though I love a bit of post production myself, kinda with scala66 on this one :)
Emma Georgiou PRO 5 years ago
Hi Meredith,
The pool limit is one photo each week and that is why you can't upload Challenge 2 at the moment. Its brilliant that you are so quick off the mark but you will need to try and post again late Sunday. Any issues then please leave a post on here.

~ Meredith ~ 5 years ago
Thanks Em. Wasn't sure if the week ran from Thursday to Weds or if it was a week from when you submitted a post if you see what I mean. No probs. I will add it tomorrow. Probably be the last time I'm this quick :)
annemmu PRO 5 years ago
When do the new challenges come out and when do they finish?, How do we know about them?
Mark W Russell 5 years ago

Hi Anne
Every two weeks on a Thursday a challenge is revealed to the Flickr group, the next challenge being next Thursday (30th May).
The challenge gets posted on this group and via email, when you join our mailing list (see details and link on the main group page).
If you link up via Twitter, we usually give an indication of who the challenger will be a couple of days before the Thursday.

Each challenge does not finish as such on a particular date, but we try to encourage people to finish within the two weeks. Trying to catch up can be difficult if you slip too far behind. If you miss a challenge that is your decision.

I hope this answers your enquiry.
david_gillett Posted 5 years ago. Edited by david_gillett (admin) 5 years ago
What Mark said!

.. and here's some links for keeping up-to-date with the challenges:

Mailing list:

Twitter (links/inspiration/challenges/misc):

Twitter (updates on discussions/submissions):

Facebook Page:


sobrenivel 5 years ago
Hi everybody,
I uploaded an image this week for challenge # 5 because of I didn´t do it before, but now it doesn´t let me upload my image for challenge # 6, when can I do that, please?
david_gillett 5 years ago
The group's set up so that you can add one image per week, I'm 90% sure a Flickr week starts and ends on Sunday night. So you'll be able to add it by Monday.
sobrenivel 5 years ago
Thanks a lot Dave, I´ll try on Monday morning then.
johnpaddler PRO 5 years ago
Perhaps add to FAQ that Flickr week starts/ends midnight Saturday/Sunday GMT

I just tested it. 01:58 CET with daylight saving I couldn't upload. Four minutes later I could. Due to the one submission a week restriction on uploads to the group.

[Posted Sunday morning 00:08 GMT]
26 by 26 5 years ago
Thanks for pointing that out John, I've updated the FAQs.
- Dave
Vicky_Wragg 5 years ago
Please can the upload rules be reviewed so that more than 1 photo submission per week is allowed. I'm currently 3 challenges behind due to work commitments and have no hope of catching up unless I can upload more than 1 photo per week.

I can't help noticing that submissions are falling and wonder if this is the cause. It's a shame that such a rule is restricting participation in this excellent project!

many thanks,
Mark W Russell 5 years ago

Hi Vicky
You can upload x1 picture per week, and as each challenge is fortnightly (every two weeks), the you can upload an "old" challenge during the intervening week. So for your situation of x3 weeks behind it will take three more challenges (or six weeks).

The FAQ says:-
How many images can I submit?
You can submit one photo for each challenge and there is a new challenge every two weeks. We've allowed one submission per week to the group pool in case you've missed a challenge. Flickr defines a week as starting and ending at midnight (GMT) on Saturday.

At the end of 52 by 52, last year we left the group open for some weeks to allow people to catch up. The Admin team have not yet discussed if we will do this again, but I imagine it will be a strong possibility.
I hope that helps.
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