tracy_lundgren 1:17am, 25 January 2015
What are your views on this? An image is an image right? We're all visual creatures. Why do I get the feeling that this is looked down upon then? After all photography is an art form. To me manipulating - sculpting an image to create something from within the mind is a very creative thing.
Photography to me means "Please look and feel something" matter how you get to the final image.
Tartan Ranga 3 years ago
I agree completely. My view on manipulation is that this is what you call 'progress'. Some people simply cannot bear to learn something new or move-on from what they know. Forget them, they are living in the past. Do not let them interfere with your abilities, skills and ideas. Creativity cannot be stopped - no matter what tools you use, if you want to get your message across then you use what is available to do so. This idea of a negative connotation is simply people who are unable to progress,do not wish to progress, or are simply unable to comprehend. Do not listen to people who are negative - do what your heart desires and express yourself in your own unique way. Like minded people will connect.
tracy_lundgren 3 years ago
This is so true. Creativity will find a way no matter what. It's just the tools that change. :) I like that thought.
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