Technic70s 5:01am, 4 March 2015
Do you love Lego and have been building something special?

Do you want to share your creation with the public?

Well here is your opportunity.

For the first time in Perth, we are offering a Lego show dedicated to West Australian fans of Lego.

Bricktober - Perth is now looking for exhibitors to show their Lego creations at Bricktober 2015.

Exhibiting is open to AFOLs (16 years and older) who wish to display at Bricktober 2015,
October 10th and 11th. Set up will be on Friday the 9th October.
If you are under 16 and wish to display, we will be running a special competition for under 16's.
Please note that submitting an application does not necessarily ensure acceptance of your offer to exhibit at Bricktober and the Ascot Rotary Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse an application on any grounds.
Please keep in mind that the show is family friendly and any display found to be overtly offensive, be it violent, sexual, racist or any other reason deemed by the committee, will be removed from the show.

Expressions of interest close Aug the 1st 2015

Head over to our web page to fill in a form.
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