Margaret Gold 6:35pm, 31 May 2014
Have you ever noticed the wonderful stickers that folks plaster all over their laptops, as a declaration of the things they love, the tools they use, and the stuff they do?

We’d like you to design a sticker to allow folks to declare their love of doing science. We leave it up to you what the imagery should be (traditional beakers, non-traditional Arduino boards with sensors, a person, a cartoon, etc) and what the slogan should be (I am a Citizen Scientist, I am a Citizen of Science, I do Science, Science for All, etc).

To enter, simply post your design to this Group with the tag #stickerchallenge. There isn't a set deadline, but once we have 20 or so contributions we'll start selecting a short list, and set a last-chance period to submit your ideas for the final prize.

So what's the prize, you ask?

We will work with you to publish your sticker to Redbubble, where you can set up your own shop to sell the sticker (see:, and we will then share and promote your sticker to the ScienceMakers community. Plus we'll be plastering it all over our own laptops!
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