Alan 13-7 2:04pm, 16 January 2015
Hi Folks, My Wife found this little beautie while assisting my Mother with an early Spring clean tidy up. (Pictured with my Sweedish army M~51 kuksa for size reference)

British army M.O.D.  3, 127 survival knife by Alan 13-7

It had obviously belonged to my late Father who passed away more than 15 years ago. I don't recall ever having seen it before, knowing my Dad it probably came out of an aircraft ejection seat survival pack. On a historical note This one was made in 1978 by Sheffield knife makers, J.R.Hopkinson Ltd, It has 2 G10 over sized wooden scales painted black & held in place with 3 copper rivets with leather insets to absorb shock, they are over sized as to promote protection against frostbite when being used in freezing conditions and not as some may suggest to facilitate shaping for a custom grip, these Knives are perfectly balanced & cleverly designed for use in hand to hand combat, modifying the grip would most certainly effect the harmony & handling of the knife. The high carbon steel blade is stamped with # 127 - 8214 JR 1978 & the crow’s foot.
(sometimes referred to as a Wilkie) because these were once made by Wilkinson sword before being taken over by Sheffield Knives, Joseph Rogers also make a very similar shaped Jungle survival knife for the MOD. The Wilkie is allegedly hard to sharpen because of its fat blade, they don't easily take on an edge but should possibly be treated more like an axe when sharpening! This one is in excellent condition it looks like it's never been resharpened. Sadly the sheath wasn't present, made of flimsy pigs skin they supposedly aren't up to much anyway, so I have ordered one of these tailor made DPM, Vanguard sheaths from Kitmonster a bit pricy at 22 quid but they are good quality & it looks the part & I did get the Willkie for free....

My latest addition to my kit is this 1978 127 M.O.D. 3 survival knife. by Alan 13-7

Reading an old post from 2009 Hoopers army surplus once stocked these knives there are various other listings on the net pricing them @ around 60 quid where available.... Pros & Cons There are a lot of negative things said of this knife as well as some positive. Being praised by some Bush crafters & poo pooed by others it has earned the nickname "The tree slapper" Most people probably don't know that Ray Mears used one when he published his first book "the survival handbook"! They are what they are, a cleverly designed yet simple perfectly balanced (for use in combat) short, HEAVY (not for sissies) bombproof, combat & survival knife. It takes up less room than an axe. & IMHO for me it's got more style & street cred than a small axe. I love this knife (but not in a weird way) it has history and is a true design classic. I would recommend one.
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