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How to use the hook as it was designed to be used. :~

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Alan 13-7 is a group administrator Alan 13-7 says:

The hook is not just randomly shaped or just for hanging the pot over an open fire the hook is actually very cleverly designed & is actually intended to have several functions maybe not all obvious at first

{1} When Packed down... The pot handle/clasp is intended to be tucked inside the wind shield & the hook is ergonomically shaped to fit snug against the body of the windshield and tucks through the hasp on the large billy to lock everything in place...

Scruffy no more, my recent purchase, £12.99 from fleaBay by Alan 13-7

{2} When cooking... This is the reason for the second notch on the bail with the hook in the second off set notch it can be threaded through the hasp on the large pot. then slid back along the bail to the middle notch. The correctly positioned hook now supports the bailing arm in a position which allows the bail and hook to be less hot, just cool enough to be lifted single handed.

Detail of correct positioning of bailing arm when cooking by Alan 13-7

With the hook in this possition Hold the bail in the middle squeeze the hook and bailing arm tightly together in a fist now with everything stabley locked it can easily be lifted & poured....the open end of the hook will be hot so bewear the handle can sometimes get too hot to handle so touch test as you lift

{3} Hanging over an open fire....

Cooking over an open fire.... by Alan 13-7

no real need to explain this one
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