Alan 13-7 8:41pm, 17 August 2014
Davy Crocket Bogg off bag {packed } by Alan 13-7
Everything packed in the S10 I also pack a second kuksa by Alan 13-7
The standard issue Aluminum m~44 Swedish army trangia, packed into a British army S10 woodland camo DPM gas mask bag along with a few other related accessories ready to go... & you can just see poking out of the wee little side pocket of the S10 gas mask bag is...

My Wenger EvoWood 17 Swiss army knife featuring walnut handle 8 blades & 13 functions.......

All this kit packs into the S10 gas mask bag by Alan 13-7
The Swedish M~44 army Enman'skok (one man stove) Unpacked by Alan 13-7
My small cuts kit is from Kombat by Alan 13-7

Its surprising just how much other kit fits in an S10 gas mask bag allong with the Swedish army trangia.
My Small first aid pack is from Kombat, with a few additions :~ alcohol gel, savalon anticeptic cream, paracetamol, small folding scisors {from Born survivor supplies}, a roll of surgical tape & a converted shotgun shell with 15 tums indigestion tabs in.

Web-tex woodland camo stuff sacks by Alan 13-7
Swedish Army Trangia { S.A.T.} stove

shortened trangia pot grabber by Alan 13-7
It's a sawn off trangia pot grabber mostly for picking up the windshield when its hot, allowing adjustment or extinguishing of the burner

wee trangia pot grabber packs neatly in the kuksa by Alan 13-7
& its been sawn off so that it packs neatly in the kuksa allong with the GSI salt & pepper shaker....

Tatonka simmer ring on the military trangia burner by Alan 13-7
The "Tatonka simmer ring" packs neatly over the lid of the military burner

Tatonka simmer ring on the military trangia by Alan 13-7
It fits and works like its made for the job & it's also perfect for extinguishing the burner

Jetboil colapsable cooking utenciles by Alan 13-7
The Jetboil colapsing utensil set, they are good quality & are kind to your kit.

Jetboil colapsed cooking utenciles packed in m-44 trangia by Alan 13-7
They pack flat right at the bottom of your kit & take up hardly any room

The Austrian army KFS set by Alan 13-7
The Austrian army KFS set {stainless steel}, Cooking with plastic utensils is ok but when it comes to eating I prefer propper cutlery. There is a swedish army issue steel cutlery set but IMHO I think this one is more elegant and it comes complete with a stylish tin opener which I much prefer.

The AUSTRIAN ARMY KFS SET {nesting} by Alan 13-7
Although the KFS set doesn't pack inside the mess kit, it does clip together in a well designed fasion & has it's own wee pouch

Unissued Genuine Russian army ammo box tin operer by Alan 13-7
I found this bad boy on eBay £4.49 inc. postage it's a new unissued Genuine Russian army ammo box tin opener ~ AK47 / Mosin spam can opener Its not realy part of my kit now as the kfs set makes it kind of redundant I just like it & thought I would mention it

The "Kombat" water bottle... by Alan 13-7
The small pocket of my water botle pouch is ideal for 2 little travel soaps for when bio-ethanol inadvertantly gets on your hands, I have ditched the ally cup that comes with the water bottle in favour of the Swedish army Kuksa. The Kombat water bottle pouch is also a perfect fit with two 300ml trangia fuel bottles.

Trangia fuel bottle & handy wee lighter by Alan 13-7
And the wee pocket on the front of that one is also ideal for a lighter... I found these little lighters in homebase made to measure for lighting trangia burners.

"Light my fire " Swedish fire steel 2.0 Army model in Coco Shell. by Alan 13-7
Appropriately I also carry a Swedish "Light my fire " fire steel 2.0 Army model in Coco Shell.

British army M.O.D 3 127 survival knife by Alan 13-7
1978 127 M.O.D. 3 survival knife... (sometimes refered to as a Wilkie) becase these were once made by wilkinson sword. This one was made by Sheffield knife makers, J.R.Hopkinson Ltd, so I suppose that makes it a Hopie

Built to UK Government specifications, With a one piece 1085 high carbon steel blade with full tang

Overall length is 31cm,or (in old money thats 12 1/4") blade length 18cm,(7 1/4*) & 7mm (Nearly a quarter inch) thick, handle length 13cm.(5") & Weighing in at 600 grammes (1lb 5 &1/8 oz) . its a beast.

1944 Air ministry, Aircrew crash axe by Alan 13-7
I;ve had this laying around in my garage for quite a number of years now. It's a 1944 Air Ministry escape axe, I have largely overlooked & underestimated this wee axe, I've just used it to take out a huge tree stump in my garden & was rather impressed. So it has now been Re~painted in true army style with regulation olive drab, & has now become an essential part of my kit.

[] Every Davy Crockett survival kit needs safe drinking water I use these for emergencies when boiling water to make it safe for drinking isn't an option
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