Alan 13-7 9:34am, 25 August 2014
Review :~ Most of the time now a days not included with these kits is the Genuine army issue kuksa it's getting realy hard to come by but can still be found from a lucky search. (Hoods don't have them) they will supply a poor immitation reproduction kuksa a no stock alternative item plastic cup (Kasa - Army)
Just as a point of interest to see what is still available...
I resently bought an m~44 aluminium military trangia from militaryMart (aka Hoods) as advertised:~
"Super Grade This item is NEW which is very rare (M~44 mess set has not been used and is still in storage packaging) the Enmanskok {one man stove} is unissued."
I had a choice of green or silver, so I chose green. inc postage it was £25 maybe the price is a bit steep I thought, but I suppose it is brand new?
When it comes to these wee stoves I am a purist. Setting the standard, I already have a complete 1968 aluminuim m~44 kit in green ie:~ the Genuine army issue Kuksa, windshield, burner, mess tins, & even the fuel bottle are all stamped NC68, I bought it 2-3 years ago. "Super grade" it cost me around £10 & I use it a lot. & was Hoping for a matching pair....
Anyway my new stove had arrived from hoods, Here's what they sent....

Super grade m44 from:~  military mart  (AKA Hoods) by Alan 13-7

My initial reaction, I was dissapointed.
there were a number of reasons for me to be dissapointed....
#1} they had sent me a "not a green one".... ok I could repaint it...
#2} the bottom leading edge of the large pot was slightly deformed as the dammage was not mirrored in the wind shield it had to be pre shipping damage... ok being aluminium I can probably bash the crap out of it & rework its shape back to true.
#3} it's not of identical shape, weight or quality of craftsmanship to the one I already have.
#4} the kuksa they sent is a poor modern reproduction & does not compair to the genuine origonal article, they are not the same size shape or quality & are too small so don't fit properly with the kit as intended.
#5} (being a purist) the stamps that prove that it's the genuine article... the burner & the wind shield are both suitably stamped 3 crowns Svea NC70 I was hoping for a 1960's stove but I can live with 1970 40 pluss years old
as for the mess tins they are both stamped with matching numbers:~ 3 crowns & 5294..... hmm.... I am guessing perhaps made in week 52 of 1994 maybe?... my knowlage is flawed at this point, I don't know enough about the markings on these stoves to acurately date these mess tins, they seem to be of a lesser quality compaired to my 68 trangia but still reasonably good but with poorer workmanship if it were a car it would probably be an Austin Rover I've actualy weighed them and there is a discrepancy of 14g with the newer one being the heavier of the 2 the brackets that hold the bail on to the pot on the 5294 mess kit have sharp corners & edges & are not as well crafted more sort of made in a hurry using machine tools &... messy over worked rivits massproduced with a "that will have to do type of attitude" lots of tool scars

Spot the difference answers... by Alan 13-7

spot the difference by Alan 13-7

My 1968 M~44 the one on the left is 14 grams lighter & way more crafted the brackets which hold the bail are more astheticaly pleasing fnished to a higher standard with smooth rounded of corners the whole stove has a more rounded look, like a clasic car. The older of the 2 stoves has more of a feel that it's been hand crafted by a skilled tradesman with high personal standards. Maybe it's just me but for me its the little things that are realy big when it comes to quality....

As I said earlier I already have a 1968 green aliminuim m~44 & I was looking for a matching pair ....
So after carefully scrutinising pictures on fleaBay, I have Just bought another used m~44 stove, as I was the only bidder excludding postage I got it for £12.99. It has scruffy chipped paint & is sooty from use

A recent purchase from fleaBay by Alan 13-7

but it is of identical shape, weight & quality of craftsmanship as my 1968 m~44, from the pictures I could easily see the three crowns but couldn't make out the date stamps, so paint chips asside no dents or dammage it has scrubbed up realy well,

Scruffy no more, my recent purchase, £12.99 from fleaBay by Alan 13-7

it turns out thats it's actualy made up of parts from 3 different kits... so stove & burner are a matching pair both stamped NC70 Svea (1970) perfectly acceptable, The frying pan/lid is stamped HP80(1980) & the large billy is stamped HP83 (1983) Although it's not a perfect example it's an acceptable Match for what I was looking for, so all in all I'm only a little bit dissapointed about the date stamps on the mess tins, but all things considdered I'm now 98% happy with this wee stove.... & I have made my money back on the one I got from Hoods by selling it on to a happy chappy on ebay.... these wee stoves are pretty tough & remain popular holding their value in the used market....
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