Jo{ki} 7:48am, 12 May 2014
Hi everyone!

I've blogged some tips on how much fabric to cut if you're making a Supernova block with 5 fabrics in a specific layout. I've also got some piecing tips/shortcuts that might help with your block!

The background cutting is probably the same for all fabric requirements (whether you're using 5, 6 or 7 feature fabrics), if you're wanting to cut background fabric per block, rather than in bulk like Lee's tutorial.

You can check it out in my blog post here:
one million stitches 4 years ago
Thanks for posting this, Jo. Love your blocks!
catherinesilling 4 years ago
I had just completed my first 2 identical blocks when I ran across your post.Thanks so much. that quickie method for the central blocks that form a plus sign is a great idea. I like the way you outlined cutting with photos of your fabric. I am a visual learner! I joined up to receive your blog posts, thanks. Catherine in NM
walgal06 4 years ago
I was trying to figure out if there was an easier way to do this block with just five fabrics. Thanks so much for sharing!
MelanieB2014 4 years ago
Thank you! This is very helpful.
anamddx 4 years ago
Love this! Thanks :)
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