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hesedetang * ADMIN October 10, 2008
All Roborovskis - big or small, fat or thin, normal, white-faced or platinum, are WELCOME!!

No invite needed :) Do FLOOD us with all your robo-cuties!

A club exclusively reserved for Roborovskis and their humans. Need I say more? :D

Group Description

Roborovskis (Phodopus roborovski) are the smallest and fastest of all hamsters and are commonly kept as pets. Distinguishing characteristics of the Roborovskis are the white spots where their eyebrows would be, and the lack of a dorsal stripe commonly seen in dwarf hamsters. They live, on average, to three and a half years of age - the longest of any domestic hamster.


This group is for photographs and videos of Roborovski hamsters exclusively.

No invitation needed :)


Currently there are only three variants of the same breed of hamster.

The default colour of the animal in the wild is sandy-gold over the back with a white belly and distinctive white "eyebrows" which gives them a very appealing appearance although other varieties exist.

The other variant colour where the frontal 'face' region is white fur instead of the usual sand colour. Thus, the 'white-faced' robo.

The rarest of all robos are the platinum species, which is entirely white, or with minimal grey ticking.


I noticed there is a usual confusion between a young cambell and a young robo. The main difference is in the frontal skeletal features (campbell more flat face), eyes (robo eyes are always black), and feet. (robo feet looks like this)

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