jbradley310 12:41pm, 5 April 2014
A lot of these shots around Finsbury were taken yesterday afternoon after work. To be honest I could have spent hours wandering round there. Apart from the lovely Lubetkin curved concrete creations there seemed to be lovely buildings around every corner. What sets the area apart for me is the noticeable care and love lavished on these blocks compared to the neglect and contempt shown in the Midlands and elsewhere. People clearly want to live there.
Martin Simcox 4 years ago
Hi John,
What a great way to spend your time - I wish I was there to join you. I'm sure there a few good pubs we could pop in to . To discuss architecture - obviously.

I agree with what you say about how buildings get neglected outside London. I think it comes back to the discussion we had in the New Inn: housing is so expensive in London that what would be a grotty flat in Dudley becomes a desirable period apartment in London.
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