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Paul B. Hartzog ADMIN September 30, 2014
LEGO Cube-based Modular Construction (Group)

Hi all, admin and founder Paul B. Hartzog here. I changed the name of the group after seeing Tyler's ship using 10x10x10 cubes and realizing that any multiples of a 2x2x2 are fine. Opening it up means more options and more creativity.

Play Well! and build, build, build!

Group Description

This is a group for LEGO photos (and discussion) of LEGO creations that use a Cube-based Modular Construction standard.

Group Rules

1) The important rule of course is to "play well." :-)

2) The other important rule is to stay on the group topic. ;-)

Building with the cube technique is simple.

I. A Standard

2 studs = 5 plates
8 studs = 20 plates
10 studs = 25 plates
for an 8x8x8 cube
20 plates = 1 plate (bottom) + 6 bricks + 1 plate/tile (top)
20 plates = 1 plate (bottom) + 1 plate/tile + 5 bricks + 2 plates + 1 plate/tile (top)
for a 10x10x10 cube
25 plates = 8 bricks + 1 plate/tile (top)
25 plates = 1 plate (bottom) + 1 plate/tile + 7 bricks + 1 plate + 1 plate/tile (top)

Simply build something that fits within a cube and/or can be combined with other cubes (see II. below for details).

By staying within the cube standard, cubes can be placed together to create larger modular structures. Notably, because of the geometry, cubes can be rotated in any orientation and still fit within the cube's volume.

II. Dimensions: Combinations and Partials

You can make larger shapes by combining cubes, i.e. two 8x8x8 cubes = 16x8x8, and four cubes = 16x16x8, and 9 cubes = 24x24x8. The cubes do not have to come apart. This is to allow for building larger interiors while still adhering to multiples of the base standard.

You can also make smaller shapes using 2x2 as a root size and working upwards from there. This means you can get smaller cubes like 4x4x4 or bigger cubes like 10x10x10

III. Shells: Containing the Cubes

You can make a "shell", like a building or a spaceship exterior, than can act as a container for cubes. By doing so, you can

1) rearrange the inner cubes in various configurations
2) remove the inner cubes to make dioramas, etc.

Then share your builds here !

[Note: photos and digital (CAD) builds are both accepted.]


Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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