Daltonman 7:14pm, 26 March 2014
This is a nice group!
I do not understand the rules 100%.
So the photo must be taken with an Ipad?


Yes, photos taken by iPad or other tablet, or camera phones. Or photos with any camera of tourists using an iPad to take a photo.

I hope that clarifies.

Welcome, and hope to see your photos soon !
Daltonman Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Daltonman (member) 4 years ago
This Lighthouse Says:
Thank you! I do not take pictures with an iPad or iPhone so I might not post to this group...
But if I do take pictures with an iPad or iPhone this will be the first group I go to!
Thank you for making this nice group.
I would suggest sending out invites, but if you don't know how I would be happy to help you.
Use to this link to invite contacts easily to this group.
Feel free to invite people if you like.

Also, if you take a photo with your camera of someone using an iPad to take a photo, that is eligible for this group.

Thank you for joining, hope to see your first post soon !

Kind regards, M.
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