Chickenhawk55 8:19pm, 7 June 2020
Has anyone experienced this yet? Just happened on my 3.5 year old camera. The internet shows hundreds who have the same issue. Suddenly get a flashing error message in the middle of the screen and image stabilization no longer works. Removing battery itself does not work. You have to:
Extend lens to max
Remove Battery
Install Battery
Press On button on and it goes away, but will return when you turn off again.
Obviously something that could be fixable in Firmware but apparently no action that I could find. Totally useless in a field situation if you have to reset this all the time. Of course 2 yr warranty I paid for is all up.
Anyone have success on solving this?
sony.e.62.10 1 year ago
Hello, you are not the only one, see also the post of Doug Grinbergs here. E:62:10 is indeed a very well known and recurring problem that happens a lot with Sony camera's. All users experience the same process : shortly after expiration of the legal warranty period the stabilizer breaks down, making it impossible to take sharp pictures, and displaying the dreaded E:62:10 error message. Thousands of users on the Internet have the same problem, the website now lists more than 500 forums where users are complaining ! or just search E:62:10 on Google or on Google Videos or on YouTube ! The temporary solution that you describe indeed works, see this video on Youtube, but it must be repeated each time the device is powered up, and when the flex connector eventually breaks completely, it may become useless.
Chickenhawk55 1 year ago
My camera now currently is intermittently successful with the above process so now hit and miss. I also had this weird temporary issue with the selector switch flipping back and forth between M and S which seemed to go away an issue where when powered on it didn't go to play or ready for photos and the charger didn't light the on switch. Again went away after many trials.
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