earthdog PRO 6:35pm, 5 May 2007
Everyone pick one group you belong to that you think other people in this group might like. Tell us why you think that.

I will start with, The Middle

The Middle is about average. It is not about the best of Flickr, it is about the very day of flickr. There is greatness all over Flickr. What interest me is the average. I think that is why I started the Reject group.
Reinhilde PRO 10 years ago
Photo Dominoes - a group that plays photo dominoes - there are a few rules you have to abide to, but all in all it's a friendly bunch.

Monthly Scavenger Hunt - you have to find 20 clues over a month - VERY friendly bunch - Saffanna, one of the admins here, is also an admin there, so that's reference enough ;D

Ow, that's two - sowwy... but I never can choose between them, I check them every day :)
Omsel 10 years ago
well i pick our own new devasting Cartel group cause i'm all about me and anyway probably a lot of people gonna be here it all explains itself

Trashy Colours Cartel
Groups Beta