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Jazmin Million 3:18pm, 30 April 2007
I Would like people to vote in this thread about your opinion of the earth and the present CHANGE taking place in every corner of the globe. Although I do think the "where do you come from?" thread and the "what is your favorite RUGBY CLUB or car?" are fun chat forms... I am really more interested to see what people in 24 hours of flickr have to say about an issue of great consequence. All votes and opinions are welcome.





I have stated a photo pool for people who want to share photo's of this new phenomenon. In the mean time, I am waiting like every one else until the 05.05.07 SEE YOU THIS MAY!


****************Total score***************************

Man made ---------54

cycle of nature-----37
FYI, a vote for both cancels your vote ;)

NASA video: astounding arctic sea ice melt
24 Oct 07

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Jazmin Million 10 years ago
I vote


Man made

Mr DoeyBags [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Mr DoeyBags (member) 10 years ago
Man made, but the earth will heal. As the temprature rises, the volcanoes will spill millions of tonnes of sulphur into the air, cutting out the sun. The planet will cool and the whole cycle will start again. Minus Humans.

Then evolution will start all over again
crownken PRO 10 years ago
I vote



@MrCairney 10 years ago
Cycle. It's predictably self important of us to blame it ALL on man.
Mace2000 PRO 10 years ago
Man made!

A pic about the current weather in Germany:
the draught
Nighthawk6359 10 years ago
I say......

Both but mainly a cycle of nature.

People only say Man made as it justifys the new "Green Taxes"
And it is of course a government conspiracy.
aknding 10 years ago
both.... mostly nature
Mister Phill PRO 10 years ago
I blame it on the Sun.
I would say it's both. Humans have not been on the earth for as long as it has existed. It may have happened before. I know we are not helping things at all and it is just getting worse...
monkeycurious PRO 10 years ago

The climate changes, it always, it always will. It was still hotter 4,000 years ago that it is today and 4,000 years is nothing to climate, it'll have a 8,000 + year long event pre-industrialization.

And what's worse is this is an even bleaker vision of it, we could all eliminate our emission entirely today and it might not make much difference at all.
haroldH PRO 10 years ago
As human beings are still considered to be part of nature, I vote

theduckpond 10 years ago
Cycle for sure. As a matter of fact, there is little to no evidence of any change of temperature in the large scale of things.

When we humans have nothing to worry about, we concoct things to get our panties in a bunch over. It's our nature. We no longer have to worry where our next meal comes from, or if we'll be beaten down and have our women stolen from us, so now we worry about the emissions from our vehicles, if our food has been in contact with pesticides, or if a colony of bees in Africa has been relocated because of where that elephant decided to leave it's droppings.
♥ Ana's Place ♥ 10 years ago
Matt Morelli 10 years ago
It's nature. Human activity is probably speeding the process up, but it's definately nature. We're in an inter-glacial period at the moment. We're coming out of an ice age. Global Warming events have happened numerous times in the Earth's past. This is just another one. An ice age will take place in the future, just not in our future.
Coal and Ice PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Coal and Ice (member) 10 years ago
The Tralfamadorians are peeved and
are bombarding the atmosphere with microwaves
and the Van Allen belt has immolated
CraftyGuy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by CraftyGuy (member) 10 years ago
It is largely a cycle of nature (but has been exacerbated to a degree by our industrialization - not that our industrialization is inherently bad, it's just that we haven't yet figured out how to correct things without causing a huge upheaval...)

The fact that it also causes Al Gore to wet his panties is merely an amusing side-effect. ;-)
Nighthawk6359 10 years ago
Well Im from Leeds, England. I have noticed that there is a slight change in the weather over the past 10 years. There seems to be less snow and ice in the winter and mexican aprils! ( Well its True )
rappeedo [deleted] 10 years ago
man made
scubapup 10 years ago
doesnt matter, black hole trumps global warming anytime
Without a doubt man made.

Yes, nature causes variations, but not at the rate we have seen in the past 100 years, ice core samples show that such a rapid increase in temperature has never occured before, and this is happening along with the global dimming effect which is counterbalancing the effect. Air traffic is causing more cloud cover which is lowering temperatures, but we are polluting so much that it is the prominant force here. As long as ignorant people continue to dismiss global warming, the problem will not get solved, and our children, and their children will suffer the effects.
@PirateGirl@ 10 years ago
but mainly Man Made since we can do something about it and we never do that much.
Not as much as we could anyway.
Ashaaaaa 10 years ago
Absolutely man made, there's not a doubt in my mind that without us, the earth wouldn't be in such peril. Damn humans!
Cloudlea PRO 10 years ago
Man made. Just wish people would not be so complacent
*spo0ky* 10 years ago
Man made.

We have to start taking responsabilities on how we produce, consume and dispose, even if the planet wasn't in danger.
CARLOS62 10 years ago
Tiz just Earth growing Old

Mankind and Womankind were just in the wrong place at the wrong time
tankgirlrs PRO 10 years ago
their is no 'OR' it is both, the earth is going through its cycles but faster that what would have happened without us damaging it all the time...so its most definitely both.
WHSKR PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by WHSKR (member) 10 years ago
Oh it's our own fault! The world's biggest countries making sterling contributions to the demise of the planet - all in the cause of cheap and nasty products that can be bought cheap cheap cheap.
stopppit 10 years ago
Cycle of nature
mogey 10 years ago
tankgirlrs PRO 10 years ago
than man made....but its really is only man made for how fast the earth is going into this change....it wouldn't have happened SO FAST if it weren't for us...but it would still happen....
oizarra 10 years ago
not only man. woman also :)
The Real Bear 10 years ago
It's a cycle of nature, we only only affect local conditions.
olbr 10 years ago
cycle of nature
FlyButtafly PRO 10 years ago
totally cycle of nature [deleted] 10 years ago

Dubijus 10 years ago
my little pony
N.Ouellette [deleted] 10 years ago
we are just speeding it up and making it worse
Ashenzil Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ashenzil (member) 10 years ago
man made.

but in the end, nature recycles everything. So once we're gone, everything will continue, as if nothing happened.
Human made. There is no denying the amount of carbon dioxide WE are spewing into the atmosphere. (Any of you drive a car? Take a bus? Fly on planes? Burn coal or wood for heat?) It makes a difference. And yes, cycles of warming and cooling have always happened. Never so quickly as now, though. And yes, although we humans are certainly part of nature, we have the consciousness--and ability--to control how we impact the natural world. And yes, the Earth will heal itself: nature will survive. If it's a very different world because of us, though, I, for one, find it hard to just shrug my shoulders and say "Oh well, nothing we could do." There's plenty we can do. Although the changes are already happening, we can--and I believe should--act as stewards to the amazing life that already exists on this planet. Almost 6.6 billion of us and counting (in 1900, there were only 1.6 billion of us...5 billion in a little over a hundred years? where will we be in 2100?). How could we possibly NOT be responsible for the changes that are occurring--if not outright, then at least in accelerating them?
Jean Knowles PRO 10 years ago
The changes we're seeing are largely man-made. Granted, there are natural fluctuations in the earth's climate, but the negative impact of human industry on this planet can't be denied. The attitude that it's completely a natural cycle and humans have no impact on the earth is head-in-the-sand thinking -- an attempt to avoid responsibility for the consequences of our actions.
oswaldo 10 years ago
Men and women are part of nature, so it is a cycle of nature... a bad one.
Benny Vision 10 years ago
I hope it's what the planet would be doing regardless of us or i'd feel pretty bad about it, but who knows maybe this is supposed to happen and this is how the earth renews itself. or maybe we are all screwed. i prefer the first one.
i wonder if the dinasours drove SUVs, probably did, i mean thats why they went right?
alliwalk 10 years ago
rcvernors PRO 10 years ago
Man made
✿ María  [deleted] 10 years ago
men & women made >((
Joe Shlabotnik PRO 10 years ago
mawie 10 years ago
the man
TaraChill 10 years ago
Cycle of Nature...

Take An Environmental Science Class People...
view-askew 10 years ago
Phototo Penguin wrote:
Cycle of Nature...

Take An Environmental Science Class People...

julio_cesar 10 years ago
Of course man made..
Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide were 379parts per million (ppm) just two years ago, higher than at any time in the past 650,000 years...
FlyButtafly PRO 10 years ago
higher than at any time in the past 650,000 years...

Yes, and we know this because we've been keeping records for that long.

Oh, wait....
requis 10 years ago
I think its a cycle of nature influenced by man.
inthegarden PRO 10 years ago
a cycle of nature
bill fish 10 years ago
It's a cycle of nature.
behemoth+ [deleted] 10 years ago
man made!
ReunYreuN 10 years ago
A cycle of nature worsened by the man hand.
If it's not already done, look at "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore, it's really well explained and easy to unterstand : we are responsible for a large half of the climatic disorder !
rbredden 10 years ago
Cycle of nature
KipperPig 10 years ago
Cycle of nature definately
Judith Art Photography [deleted] 10 years ago
Cycle of Nature
Cody Mac 10 years ago
I Vote
Man Made

although i dont believe its 100% i think we started the reaction and nature is naturally trying to fix it...
WizPip PRO 10 years ago
I'd say probably a bit of both. But then, perhaps we're just preparing the planet for the next level of human development?
1 Photo Guy 10 years ago
Andy McGeechan PRO 10 years ago
Cycle of nature ...its the pollution we are adding that's making things worse.
Oliver Anderson 10 years ago
U.S.A. made.
Melancolie reveuse 10 years ago
Man Made
Lou's Canon 10 years ago
The problem with mankind is that he sees himself outside of natural processes. The truth is, we are all a part of the natural process (anyone heard of the Gaia Hypothesis?). Unfortunately we have long since passed the point of no return and any attempt the human race puts forth to slow or stop the process already in motion, is utterly futile. But, that being said, as an Environmental Planner I enjoy the challenge of "protecting" our environment and educating the new generations about what needs to be done to "save" their environment which the previous generations screwed up - even though it's hopeless. With the USA refusing to ratify the Kyoto protocol and underdeveloped nations feeling they have the right to pollute because others did before them will only exacerbate the problems we are seeing. The demise of humans won't happen in my lifetme, but it is coming - and fast. Sorry for the gloom and doom folks - but, hey, at least I have job security. So for my vote, I vote "cycle of nature."
groovysuvi 10 years ago
Man made.

According to the geologic record, we should be heading into the next major ice age round about now, not warming. Temperatures can be traced in sediment and ice records by looking at deposition of certain isotopic elements. Nothing in the record shows any increase in global temperatures as rapidly as we have seen in the last 50 years. There's a great trend in increasing temperatures that can be seen since the start of the industrial revolution. Sure El Nino and La Nina add little dips in the record that make it seem as though the cause might be natural, but if you look at more than the current year, the data shows that something very abnormal is going on.
FlyButtafly PRO 10 years ago
. The demise of humans won't happen in my lifetme, but it is coming - and fast.

I won't argue with that, but I'd bet it's due more to the fact of birth rates being below replacement levels in many countries...
*melby* 10 years ago
Cycle of nature
--Tico-- 10 years ago
The problem the majority of the people on the earth have is that when it is man-made it requires a personal effort to start changing habits. So it's more convenient to lull into thinking it's a natural cycle, at least that relieves people from feeling they have to take personal responsibility!

I'd rather think it's man-made, take my responsibility and be wrong than be complacent, do nothing and see the consequences happen to the next generation.
yellowflower69 10 years ago
The climate is changing. I do not know the cause.

I do what I can to help to reverse climate change.
If it is man made it is good that I try to change it.
If it is a cycle of nature then I have lost nothing by trying.

If I did nothing and it is man made then the future of life on earth is at risk of extinction because of my stupidity.
Alabama Geographer PRO 10 years ago
Many factors are contributing to our current climate change, see www.koshland-science-museum.org/exhibitgcc/causes02.jsp.
We must continue to learn and realize that we may exceed the planets carrying capacity long before we overheat. The next world war will be over food and water.
° . . [deleted] 10 years ago
man made but not only. woman made as well.
Madtown Tim [deleted] 10 years ago
My response is yes. It's a nature cycle that isn't being helped by man.
Markisy_Brasil Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Markisy_Brasil (member) 10 years ago
Of course is


Nature changes but in millions of years, not a few decades!!!
Human beans are so selfish! We ruin our planet, we see all the chaos going on, and still we can't admit it's our fault! I admit it!

We gotta help our planet!!!
kiwimission 10 years ago
I have been through an earthquake, a massive flood and a hurricane
none of those natural disasters had anything to do with human interference, what make me sad is that we take the earth for granted.
as we all love photography it would be sad that the generations after us will not be able to share the incredible nature we have had the privilage to take for granted. My wish is for the generations coming behind us to appreciate the beauty and not fill the world with material items, we are polluntants "RECYCLE"
!Shot by Scott! 10 years ago
I think its a combination of both but accelerated by mankind.
(Si) 10 years ago
MAN MADE.... unfortunatly...
and Nature is just rebelling with her own ways...
MAX 2006 - www.maxnunziata.com [deleted] 10 years ago
/Your city is e Beautiful..? post your size medium size YES STILL OTHER PHOTOS
Orhan Tsolak Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Orhan Tsolak (member) 10 years ago
Man made of course or rather to be more precise, corporate made, driven by ever increasing desire of those at the top of the social class pyramid, for more and more profit for themselves.
Geomangio 10 years ago
I think is primarily "USA politic made"
See Kyoto!
Usa people are'nt informed about!
Drift Words 10 years ago
What's with the OR? Clearly, some climate change cycles have been natural. The question is whether this present trend is down to us. Being open-minded it could be both. Most scientists reckon 200 years of industry might just have something to do with it. But that doesn't matter. It's no good arguing about who was on the tiller when the ship is sinking. And yes, that is water around your feet captain. For the record, MADE by MAN.
FlyButtafly PRO 10 years ago
Mmm... human beans.

(Is it just me, or is anyone else completely annoyed by Max 2006 spamming that "beautiful city" thread everywhere?)
slightly-less-random PRO 10 years ago
Both but mostly


The CO2 and GHG levels in the atmosphere have never been so high since ice started recording GHG levels hundreds of thousands of years ago. Way before stone tablets.
ko_ko_il Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ko_ko_il (member) 10 years ago
all scientists here? i am in no position to challenge the UN report on climate change, so i think we have the obligation to be careful. in other words: ban SUV and private jets

dunno what this has to do with the 24 hours of flikr but duh
FlyButtafly PRO 10 years ago
Maybe Al Gore should take his own advice...
PhotoGraham PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by PhotoGraham (member) 10 years ago
The issue of is it man or nature is important because if we are causing it we have the means to prevent it. If it is not caused by 'man made' CO2 there may be nothing we can do about it. The evidence is quite good that we are the cause.

CO2 levels leave a historical record in polar ice. This record goes back some 650,000 years. The current level is some 30% above any previous peak. As you can see in this data.

I don't know if that is a complete explanation. Clearly something unprecedented is happening. The vast majority of the people who understand most about the climate think this is real and man-made.

NB World population is predicted to keep increasing so there will be more of us pumping out CO2 every day.
flutterbideas PRO 10 years ago
my vote - man-made

if it's a cycle of nature, it has been accelerated by man

note: i'm not a scientist, haven't seen THE movie yet
g.b Posted 10 years ago. Edited by g.b (member) 10 years ago
Don't worry about the planet, she'll be right, the earth is just killing us off like she did to the dinosaurs.
of course if you're a person you should probably be concerned
I've started a group where people can post unlimited photos taken on May 5th, here we can critique each other, give feedback and advice, and just show off all those "other" cool shots we took during our 24 hours. Join and invite a friend. The group is called 24 hours the forgotten shots. www.flickr.com/groups/400990@N22/
--Barbara-- 10 years ago
aka Jon Spence PRO 10 years ago
Man Made. Whilst flickr is totally brilliant, I wonder at what cost to the environment? I upload a modest single shot a day at 1.5 to 2.5 meg a day, but I understand that collectively we are uploading more than a million shots a day (and growing). How much energy is required to power (and cool) the flickr servers that keep all this data online? What is flickr's carbon footprint?
Alex Buhl PRO 10 years ago
Ok, nobody can really know this for sure!
BUT to say that it's just a circle of nature is an easy way of getting rid of any responsibility we have for changing this planet. Surely it's obvious to everyone that we are changing the world, and not generally for the better! We should all work together at changing the energy we use in small ways and it will make a big difference!
Eleventh Earl PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Eleventh Earl (member) 10 years ago
The whole cycle of nature excuse is lazy thinking and part of a conservative/right-wing/neocon short termist agend promulgated to ensure people keep buying as much as possible, spending as much money as possible and being just as thoughtless and selfish as they have been for a very long time.
Happy Sleepy PRO 10 years ago
Man made.

And while we're on the topic, I "vote" for evolution, not creationism.

The two issues are quite related - the planet made us and now we are destroying the planet, NOT God made us to be the masters of the planet [and universe], so we can crap it up all we like because it's our right but call it a "natural cycle" so we don't have to take responsibility for our actions when the effects start being obvious and deleterious to our own survival.

Summer is coming. Plant a tree for shade and ditch the airconditioner.
JustinTL 10 years ago
Cycle of nature. That being said, I do think we need to explore what's going on and we should consider alternative fuel sources, etc. That's just being smart.

I really think we've seen some statistics that everyone has jumped all over and decided that we are the cause. If we are the cause, then we can fix it, so people find comfort in blaming themselves for the dismal outlook they've determined is sure to happen. However, there is no real supported evidence that anything completely abnormal is happening.

Note the charts posted by PhotoGraham. The second chart is merely a trend projection of human population growth rate but does not support any sort of global warming concept in and of itself. The first chart, however, is the one that seems to support this global warming idea and that we've caused it. However, note that the chart doesn't cite a source. Any good researcher would tell you that you should cite your source. When looking at that chart it could have been drawn by any person to support any idea they wanted. There is no way to look at it and get back to the facts used to create it. You'll notice the same thing in Gore's movie.

Anyway, my opinion is that we may be seeing global warming but we don't have sufficient, concrete evidence to prove that it's caused by man. We know that the Earth has changed climates in the past and probably has even in each of our lifetimes. We like to blame it on ourselves because we believe that this can only end badly and therefore we want to think we have control over it. Sorry, we don't have as much control as we really think over everything.
S-I-A-H 10 years ago
i say man made.
lets kill all the trees and drive more SUV's to find out for sure.
Jiobbe PRO 10 years ago
Man made
van 69 10 years ago
Man made, no doubt!
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