Sew Inspired! 4:52pm, 4 March 2014
It's rough trying to match the seams and sections of 'ovals' but I am sooooo excited about the results in spite of the imperfections in my piece (and trust me, there are many!)
I am delighted that we have had snow days enabling me to be 'trapped inside' so I could sew and CUT, and measure, and CUT, and iron and CUT, and piece, and did I mention, CUT?!?!? :)
Lots of work involved with this design, but SEW worth it! LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern and the fun involved in creating! Thank you, Jenny!
So glad you stuck with it! I found out this block was a bit of a tricky one for those using the QCR for the first time.....I think your blocks turned out great and thanks for joining the QAL!
Sew Inspired! 4 years ago
I enjoyed the QAL immensely and discovered it wasn't such a big deal that the seams weren't perfectly matched/aligned! :) Haven't gotten as far as quilting yet and am sorry that it'll be a 'less than stellar' job compared to your beautifully intricate quilting designs. Thank you so much for a great pattern and for the encouragement along the way!
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