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V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 6:42pm, 21 November 2011
Hello kind guests!
You are welcomed to the LEGO Steampunk Rock and Roll Competition!

LEGO Steampunk Rock and Roll Competition!

Here is the official link to the LEGO Steampunk group where you can post all of your entries, ask all of your questions, and follow the contest.


To celebrate the publication of the fantastic Steampunk-themed issue of BrickJournal, we are delighted to announce the biggest competition we've ever run in the Flickr LEGO Steampunk group.

It's time for Steampunk ROCK'n'ROLL!

There are two broad themes: ROCK - build a floating rock, and ROLL - build a steampunk rail creation

We have four entry categories:
ROCK - large creations
ROCK - small creations
ROLL - large creations
ROLL - small creations

plus, MASTER BUILDER - Prizes will be awarded in each category and the grand prize will go to the “Master Builder,” an entrant who has submitted at least two creations: one ROCK, one ROLL.
This special prize will be awarded solely at the discretion of the judges for the entrant who they feel best embodies the spirit and steampunkish charm of the competition.

So get those bricks out and let's see how much clank you've got...
Will it be a massive floating island, home to a gang of bloodthirsty sky pirates? Or perhaps a peaceful garden rock, floating amidst the clouds, visited by a romantic couple on a moonlit aerostat excursion?
Will you build a formidable railship, bristling with guns and spewing clouds of steam and smoke? Or maybe it'll be something more sedate, a rolling saloon perhaps, visiting the camps and towns of the Gold Rush? It's up to you...

We are proud to offer an awe inspiring collection of amazing prizes thanks to kind donations from our generous sponsors:

2MuchCaffeine - find him at www.flickr.com ( thanks to Rod )

Big Ben's Bricks - www.bigbenbricks.com ( thank to Ben )

Brickarms - www.brickarms.com ( thanks to Wil and Badger )

BrickJournal - www.brickjournal.com ( thanks to Joe Meno )

JasBrick - find him at www.flickr.com ( thanks to Jason )

Raillery - find him at www.flickr.com ( thanks to Beau )

V&A Steamworks - find him on www.flickr.com ( thanks to Guy )

There are some exciting prizes to be had including a LEGO Zeppelin, a BrickJournal subscription, custom weapons, top hats, train gear, custom MOCs and more!

5 different categories beckon for your Steamiest MOCs!



Prizes will be awarded in each category and the grand prize will go to the “Master Builder,” an entrant who has submitted at least two creations: one ROCK, one ROLL. There is no limit on entries, but know that quality will be judged over quantity.

Fantastic Prizes to be WON!


An amazing collection of Proto/Brass and assorted arms from BrickArms, plus, a collection of V&A Steamworks Custom Stovepipe hats in assorted colors.


An amazing collection of Proto/Brass and assorted arms from BrickArms, plus, a full set of 2MuchCaffeine's Steampunk Micro Vehicles


An amazing collection of Proto/Brass and assorted arms from BrickArms, plus, a collection of Big Ben's Bricks Light Grey Custom Train wheels


An amazing collection of Proto/Brass and assorted arms from BrickArms, plus, a collection of Big Ben's Bricks Black Custom Train Wheels & an amazing Custom MOC from Raillery!

MASTER BUILDER ( this is the one you want to win folks! ) :






The entries will be judged according to the following criteria:
- Creativity and Originality
- Clank Factor
- Building Technique
- Presentation

The judges will be Raillery, 2 Much Caffeine, and V&A Steamworks. Their decisions are final, really.

The “Steampunk ROCK'n'ROLL” contest begins November 21st - 2011 and will end on January 8th 2012 at midnight.

Additional Rules:
- No virtual or CAD entries
- No preexisting MOC entries
- Non-minifig scale entries are welcome, but we'd like to see some kind of "people" represented in your creations
- If you don't have specific train/rail pieces don't worry, be creative and build your own - the judges will like that
- Whilst sepia toning / sky backdrops / general Photoshopping etc may count towards the presentation element in judging, don't think that a lovely editing job will make up for a crap build!
- "Large" and "Small" should be kind of obvious, but for the avoidance of doubt: "Large" entries will need to be large, ie. rocks around 32+ studs in diameter, or trains 32+ studs long, probably featuring a number of figures. "Small" entries will be anything smaller than that, probably featuring only one or two figures.
- For all categories, BrickArms and other custom parts are accepted. Custom string and cloth elements are fine, but no painting or cutting bricks please.


Please hold all questions regarding the posting of entries until the entry thread is opened a fortnight from today. This is to encourage quality entries, rather than rush jobs.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them below. But remember, if you ask a question that's already been covered in the rules, or in other comments prior to your own, people will think you're a tool.

Rod, Beau, Guy and Queen Victoria look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Good Luck humble guests!
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dover ☄ 7 years ago
a) You had me at steampunk

b) Is there a limit to entries?

c) I don't see a clear answer to what Master Builder entails. Overall Best?
Hi Dover,

I have better clarified the 'Master Builder' details above.
: )
Lego Junkie. 7 years ago
I have one, Does the rock itself have to be 32x32? or can we have say a 20x20 rock floating on a 32x32 baseplate?
Captain Limabean 7 years ago
:D :D :D :D I just have some questions. Is cutting 'flex tubing legal also what about cutting other pieces just for structural pieces
ie: Cutting a 'lightsaber blade
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 7 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (moderator) 7 years ago
If the Rock diameter is about 32 plus studs then it is large.

Anything smaller will be small ( the size of the baseplate isn't relevant )
If you need to cut some flex tubing here or a lightsaber blade there that is ok.

( Seriously, Rod and I have NEVER cut any ... seriously .. )
pasukaru76 PRO 7 years ago
I am so in on this.

Obviously you can't cut a lightsaber blade, it's against the laws of physics.
OrangeKNight 7 years ago
I'm down with this..........now I just need train parts xD Also Brown/gold xD

Jack Marquez PRO 7 years ago
This sounds ridiculously fun. Two things, though:

1. Can we build an entire train, or just one car?

2. Lego zeppelin?
You could do either.
An entire train would probably fit under the LARGE category, a single car ( unless a large scaled beasty ) would probably fit under the SMALL category.

'Lego Zeppelin'? , if you can incorporate it into one of your MOCs that fits within a contest category then feel free to do so.
Jack Marquez PRO 7 years ago
^I was referring to the prize. I couldn't get an idea of scale from the photo.
Captain Limabean 7 years ago
How big is it?
Jack Marquez PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jack Marquez (member) 7 years ago
^Based on the set photo, it looks at least 32 studs long. And awesome.
The Magic Tuba Pixie 7 years ago
Actually, brown and gold are not necessary for steampunk. In fact, I'd like to see a bit less.
But, then again, I'm not a judge, so my opinion doesn't really matter.

But I've already got ideas forming for this! I'm really excited!
MiracIe_Boy 7 years ago
Are we going for a distinctly steam aesthetic? Will something more along the lines of diesel punk cut it?
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 7 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (moderator) 7 years ago
If it looks great it looks great.

No need to worry if it fits in one made-up classification better than another.

Per above, here are the judging criteria
- Creativity and Originality
- Clank Factor
- Building Technique
- Presentation
OrangeKNight 7 years ago

True, I guess from what I've seen around the "Victorian" steampunk has been more prevelent, I personally prefer Raillery's "Style, which I tend to refer to as "Industrial" Steampunk.

Alright. I think I will give a go at 'floating rock small'.

When will it end?
January 8th at Midnight ( per info above )
.TheBricks 7 years ago
I have very little experience with steampunk and floating rocks, which puts me at a disadvantage to other folks, but the prizes are too much to resist :)
Ɍaillery 7 years ago
The main focus of this contest is to encourage people to give steampunk a whirl. The judges also take into account that some entrants have had more experience than others, so don't be discouraged. It is fairly regular for prizes to go those without much steampunk experience purely because they have managed to bring in new, original concepts to the table.
pasukaru76 PRO 7 years ago
I too have found that trying your hand at a new theme can yield very interesting results. Plus it's lots of fun.
curtydc 7 years ago
This sounds fun!

I've got a question. Anyone know of any good techniques for building small/micro train tracks, particularly getting the curved sections to look good? I've never done steam-punk or train, but I've got some brilliant (in my mind) ideas:). I've been doing some searching on Brickshelf, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some pointers from others who may know of good ways to do it.

Thanks in advance!
OrangeKNight 7 years ago

This is the only thing I can think of;

Train tracks anyone? by Multihawk


b.czuppon 7 years ago
I'm from Hungary. May I enter you competition?
Psychoticgoblin 7 years ago
I have never bought any of the trains sets, is it OK if I still make a train, just not on the tracks?
INTERNATIONAL entrants are allowed!

Feel free to enter no matter where you call home.


YES, you are allowed to make a train without showing tracks.

In fact you don't even need official train wheels. Be creative, think 'out of the box'.

We welcome whimsical and fantastic approaches to common solutions.
Awk' [deleted] 7 years ago
Never done steampunk before.

But I'll enter anyway.
F0x3d 7 years ago
So is there a limit to submissions in each category?
2 Much Caffeine 7 years ago
^ Nope. Enter as many times as you like.
ShareburG Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ShareburG (member) 7 years ago
Same as Awk', but I've wanted to do so for some time...
b::m 7 years ago
Can there be multiple rocks in the same MOC?
MiracIe_Boy 6 years ago
Here's some inspiration for combatant steam trains, I put together some images in a blog post:


Most real-life armored trains were relatively boring boxes, I'm going to take some artistic liberty with my entry.
2 Much Caffeine 6 years ago
Yes - no problem if you want to build some kind of "floating rock village".
Julandrius 6 years ago
"Custom string and cloth elements are fine"
So I'm allowed to use ordanary rope instead of lego rope for example on fences?
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
Yes. Most people find Lego's stud-ended rope to be difficult to work with, which is why we included this option.
Julandrius 6 years ago
Ok, count me in :)
MiracIe_Boy 6 years ago
How necessary is it to have a picture with figures?
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
Not necessary. Just as figures will not make the picture, a picture will not be ruined without them.
CaptainInfinity 6 years ago
Just wondering, but would Sky-Fi count as Steampunk, such as what JonHall18 builds?
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
No. Although his work is in the same Sky-Fi genre as floating rocks, we are looking for sky-fi of a more steam-powered nature.
TheGalaxyCrown 6 years ago
Never done trains before.Going to try this one. ;]
Legowanderer2 6 years ago
can the trains (if it is a military train) be camouflaged? but not green, like yellow or tan?
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
Sure. There are no color restrictions.
2mnbars Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 2mnbars (member) 6 years ago
Is it ok if I put a random Airship into my "Small" category floating rock?
(Sorry nervous, first time on flickr and first time entering a contest)
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
As the name implies, an airship must be accompanied by a floating rock (the focus of the category). But yes, you may include an airship.
Proudlove 6 years ago
Your links in the description to the builder's Flickr pages are incomplete.
Hi Nathan,
Which links exactly?

I am not sure which one's you mean
Proudlove Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Proudlove (member) 6 years ago
I could be making assumptions about your intent, but shouldn't the links in the sponsor's section be to the individual's Flickr page? For you, Rod, Jason and Beau?
2mnbars 6 years ago
Would someone give me help on how to make my floating rock "Levitate"?
2 Much Caffeine 6 years ago
^ Hey there, I'm assuming you're after advice on placing your rock in an image as if it's floating amongst the clouds.

The simplest (if time- and effort-intensive) way is to take a photo against a reasonably plain background that contrasts with the colours in your creation. Then using MS Paint, draw round your creation replacing the background with a single colour. You can then make that background colour transparent and paste it over a sky backdrop.

There are plenty of other ways, but they generally involve being familiar and handy with some of the functions of Photoshop or PaintShop Pro. Probably best to stick with the simpler method above.
Legowanderer2 6 years ago
Another question: are we allowed to improve our entries? (like improving the background, making image claerer)
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
Sure. As long as the photo is more about the MOC than the editing job.
ted @ndes PRO 6 years ago
Two questions:

1) Are custom stickers allowed? (I assumed yes, since it would not be permanently altering a brick).

2) For "Floating Rock Large" category, can you use multiple small rocks that cover an area greater than 32 studs wide, or does at least one rock need to be greater than 32 studs in diameter?
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
I personally would say that custom stickers are allowed. If the other judges feel differently, we can open it up for discussion.

As for the floating rock question, I believe that all rocks must be connected in some fashion for them to be considered together as a group. You may use multiple rocks, however.
Proudlove says:
I could be making assumptions about your intent, but shouldn't the links in the sponsor's section be to the individual's Flickr page? For you, Rod, Jason and Beau?


I am slow.... got it fixed now! Thanks for pointing it out.

Also, I fixed the link for JasBrick's page too.
2 Much Caffeine 6 years ago
I'm happy with custom stickers.

And as for the multiple rocks question - I'm happy with multiples of small rocks covering a bigger area, but as Beau says I'd like to see them connected somehow (rope bridges anyone?)
Farrowtreetop 6 years ago
How do I enter into the contest?
2 Much Caffeine 6 years ago
^ Post a picture of your creation in the Steampunk group pool and then post a link to it in the "Entry Thread" discussion as well. Good luck!
ted @ndes PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for the responses. In the end, I decided to opt to keep my latest entry within the "small" category... but I was very close to making an "outhouse" island to extend it (... with rope bridge attached).
Ɍaillery Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ɍaillery (moderator) 6 years ago
I surely speak for all of the judges when I say that both the quality and quantity of the entries so far has been impressive. As this contest winds down to its final week, I would like to tally the number of entries so far.

Small Roll: 9
Large Roll: 8
Small Rock: 10
Large Rock: 5

Master Builder Contenders:
-ted @ndes
-Lemon Boy
-Kark Oohlu
-JimKeepers (updated)
-TheGalaxyCrown (updated)
-captainsmog (updated)
-steam powered (updated)
-13Brains (updated)
-dover (updated)
-f0x3d (updated)

Please note that these numbers are based on the entrant-stated categories and I would encourage some entrants to review the rules regarding size and move your entry to the proper categories.

If I have made any significant errors, please let me know.
REMINDER - Rock & Roll Steampunk deadline is January 8th!
DePin0 6 years ago
I'll enter! but have to wait until saturday because only then am I able to make propper daylight pictures!

Just one quick question; My rock isn’t 32 studs but my build is about 50 studs so I should enter ROCK large don’t I?
(compared to the current small rock entries mine is huge :-)
2 Much Caffeine 6 years ago
^ Hey there. Put it into the large ROCK category for the moment. The judges will take a look and we'll move it into the other category if we feel we have to.
lights 6 years ago
I love this contest. Great work so far, everyone.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
I have a situation... I have built another 'small' MOC for the Roll category, but the display I've made for it is a just a few studs over 32. Now were does this fit into the grand scheme of things? . Small but displayed on a large scale for extra effect and to understand the overall concept.
please advice, thank you.
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
If the train itself is under 32, you may enter it in the SMALL category.

For example, you could not make a pump cart with a 36-wide base and call it a LARGE entry.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ Okay great stuff. Thank you so much.
Farrowtreetop Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Farrowtreetop (member) 6 years ago
OHHH MYY GOSH I can not figure out how to post your pictures in the entry thread!!!!!
ted @ndes PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ted @ndes (moderator) 6 years ago

option 1: in the entry thread, all you need to do is surround your url link with square brackets like these [ ] and flickr will do the rest

option 2: on your photo's page, there is a "Share" drop down above it. Click on it and there will be a "Grab Link" option. Select "HTML", Small image, then copy/paste that into the entry discusison.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
I have another question, my build i(rock) is 44 studs long, its width is around 16 and height is around 26. Has only one figure. This fits into the small category?
Please advice, thank you.
Once you are over 33 or 32 studs in any given measurement then you would automatically go into the LARGE category

: )
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
OH dear, I've placed it in the wrong cat. Will fix.
Thank You
Brian Rinker Creative 6 years ago
I have till tomorrow night to get my entry in, correct?
End of day tomorrow ( the 8th ) is the last night to post!
: )
Brian Rinker Creative 6 years ago
Awesome, hopefully I will have my entry up by then!
Thēo 6 years ago
I have finished to build my large rock but I'll not be able to post it : I can't take a decent picture ;_;
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
Keep in mind that the judges try to concentrate on the MOC and not the photography work.
Mechanekton 6 years ago
So it's ending at midnight, but what time zone?
If you stray an hour or two past Pacific Standard Time that's OK

Otherwise we come to your house and beat you with a stick.
Karf Oohlu PRO 6 years ago
A stick? what ever happened to lead piping?
2 Much Caffeine 6 years ago
I'm with Karf. I don't think "a stick" is appropriate in a Steampunk group. I'm going to beat any late entrants with a diamond-topped walking cane.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ .. and with a copper handle... LOL
Karf Oohlu PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Karf Oohlu (member) 6 years ago
^ Dammit, lead people, lead! get the lead out!

It's soft and HEAVY, what's not to like (..apart from the lead poisoning obviousness, that is...)

PS on a 'lighter' note - I pity the poor judges, especially on the big rocks, they're really really rockin' : D
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber Posted 6 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (moderator) 6 years ago

Hey... this is an official announcement!

The entry thread is now closed for business.

The painfully difficult judging process shall begin!
( sadly, Rod, Beau and I had an Absinthe party at midnight ... and .... well .... let's just say that LEGO and Wormwood are a rough combo .)

Might take a while to clear the cobwebs and start handing out the Glory.

Thanks for everyone for such fantastic MOCs!

More soon,

Your Hosts
Ɍaillery Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ɍaillery (moderator) 6 years ago
I have compiled the following list of Master Builder contenders. If your name is not on this list, but you have fulfilled the requirements, please make yourself known.

-ted @ndes
-Lemon Boy
-Kark Oohlu
-steam powered
-water snap

Also to echo Guy: you have all made the judging very challenging. Thank you for your fantastic contributions. 73 entries!
Steampunk Rock & Roll Finalists!
2 Much Caffeine 6 years ago
ROCK & ROLL Steampunk Finalists!

We at the LEGO Steampunk Group are happy to announce the finalists in contention for the ROCK & ROLL titles and Glory!

Further, Certificates of Merit will be issued to acknowledge HONORABLE MENTIONS of exemplary building skill and bravery in the face of fierce competition.

Additionally, all competitors will receive an amazing virtual campaign medal to add to their virtual victory cabinet!

FINAL RESULTS to be announced soon, Including the highly coveted MASTER BUILDER award!

Finalists are:

ROCK - Small - Finalists
- Ted @ndes' "Polar Outpost 7"
- Capt Smog's "FloatingStopPoint"
- Titolian's "Aloft"

ROCK - Large - Finalists
- SlyOwl's "Last Evacuee"
- Dover's "ET Telegraph Home"
- TheoLego's "Country House"

ROLL - Small - Finalists
- Pasakuru's "Railcastle"
- Ted @ndes' "Draconian Cannonball"
- Erth & Fiya's "Bentlee JSS"

ROLL - Large - Finalists
- CaptSmog's "USM"
- Pasakuru's "Mark IV Light Railcarrier"
- Mountain_King's "Catching Rocks"

HONARABLE MENTIONS are to be awarded to:

- Newcomb's Folly
- Diving Belles
- Proudlove's - Christmas Train
- Lemon Boy's Rail Frigate
-Atin's - Cracked Skull Pub
- Karf Oolhu's - Frogpunk Railway Gun
- Earth and Fiya's - "Lost"
-MixBrix - Pleasant Ride Through the Streets
-JimKeepere's - Timbuktu Pipeline Patrol
-Magus - Steampunk Train
-TheoLego - In the Shadow of the Mine
-Darth Nick - Floating Rocks
-b.zcuppon's Suppply is Coming
-Watersnap's - Scarlet Gale
F0x3d Posted 6 years ago. Edited by F0x3d (member) 6 years ago
Karf Oohlu PRO 6 years ago
It's good to be honorable : D
Well done guys
Legowanderer2 6 years ago
congratulations to the winners! and also congratulations to everyone for very nice entries!
Invicta Bricks 6 years ago
Woohoo! An honourable mention in my first competition.
I'm happy with that ,considering how good everybodys creations are. Cool medals too.
Good luck to the finalists. I glad I don't have to choose between you!
Bricknave 6 years ago
Congratulations to the winners! It was fun participating in a contest with many skilled builders and amazing MOCs.
[MIXBRIX] 6 years ago
Congrat guys! Thanks for an awesome competition. It's good to get an honorable mention :)
Magυs Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Magυs (member) 6 years ago
Good to honored. :3 Congrats!
TheGalaxyCrown 6 years ago
Congrats everyone! This was a fun time!
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
Well Done Everybody, truly amazing stuff from all. It was great steaming fun....
Brian Rinker Creative 6 years ago
I'm content with an honorable mention :)

Gratz to all the finalists and good luck!
Steampunk LEGO Rock & Roll Contest Champions!
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