2 Much Caffeine 11:07pm, 1 January 2009
LEGO Steampunk Competition Announcement by 2 Much Caffeine

In discussion with a few other contributors, it has been agreed that the group will host a LEGO Steampunk competition, running from Jan 1st 2009 until 28th Feb 2009.

The theme of the competition is "Agents of the Imperial Crown" - a steamy remix of the LEGO Agents theme.


There are three categories to enter...
SMALL BUILD and LARGE BUILD, where the object is to present a steampunk version of one of the current LEGO Agents vehicles or sets.
And FREE BUILD, where you create an entirely new MOC inspired by the "Agents of the Imperial Crown" competition theme.


There will be three prizes, one for each category winner. These will consist of goody-bags of useful steamy pieces bought from Bricklink. The bags will be to the value of £10 (about $15).

Much more importantly, the winners will receive considerable kudos and steam-flavoured respect.


This category should see entries which are steampunk versions of individual vehicles from the following sets:

8631 M1: Jetpack Pursuit
8632 M2: Swamp Raid
8630 M3: Gold Hunt
8633 M4: Speedboat Rescue
8634 M5: Turbocar Chase

Or, steamy versions of the following specific vehicles:

The surface boat from "Deep Sea Quest", or any of the individual aircraft from "Volcano Base" or "M6: Mobile Command Center"


This category should see entries which are steampunk recreations of EVERY MAJOR ELEMENT from the following sets:

8630 M3: Gold Hunt
8634 M5: Turbocar Chase
8637 "Volcano Base"

Or, steamy versions of the following specific vehicles:

The submarine from "Deep Sea Quest", or the Command Truck from "M6: Mobile Command Center".


No real restrictions really, as long as the entry follows the theme of "Agents of the Imperial Crown".


Let's make this really clear up front; you DO NOT need to own a current LEGO Agents set. You just need to build a steampunk version - there are plenty of images you can reference in the LEGO Shop.

No "villains-only" entries, although if Agents are in pursuit of villains as part of the MOC then that's fine.

No existing (ie. already posted in 2008) MOCs. No modified parts, although custom stickers and custom weapons (eg. Brickarms, Brickforge etc) are allowed. No limit to number of entries per person, but no SMALL BUILD entries can form part of a BIG BUILD entry. LDD entries are fine, although the usual competition conditions apply on the overuse of rare parts.


Entries should be posted in the LEGO Steampunk Group Pool with the appropriate tag:

SMALL BUILD - "steam_agents_small"
LARGE BUILD - "steam_agents_large"
FREE BUILD - "steam_agents_free"

Entries for SMALL and LARGE BUILD categories should include a line in the description indicating the reference vehicle and Agents set number; eg. "Turbocar from 8634".

To avoid clogging the group pool with loads of images, please limit your entry to 3 (that's THREE) photos. You can of course, post more images than that elsewhere, but please no more than 3 (that's THREE) photos of any one entry in the group pool.

Entries must be posted with a date stamp of 28th Feb at the latest. We'll deal with any timezone issues if they arise.


Confirmed judges are myself, manofredearth, Pain Parade and Azaghal Gabilzaramul. Thanks very much to them for agreeing to judge.

Judging will begin at the start of March and we will try to announce the winners within two weeks. Judges will not comment on entries prior to the announcement of winners. Judges may produce MOCs in the competition theme, but these will obviously not be eligible for the competition.

Entries will be judged on the 3 images in the pool, and on the following criteria:

Fit with indicated Agents set / vehicle for SMALL & LARGE BUILD
Fit with "Agents of Imperial Crown" theme for FREE BUILD
Imagination, building techniques and detailing
Presentation (including any backstory)


Hopefully that's enough detail to be getting on with, but this is the first competition I've been involved with so I may have missed something.

If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to add them below and I'll do my best to answer or respond to them...
V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber (moderator) 8 years ago
Sounds like Fun , count me in.
( .................... now to find pictures of these AGENTS sets ...............)
Uspez 8 years ago
Oh man, this is awesome! I'm really impressed by the whole Agents of the Crown idea. I'll be sure to throw down for at least one category and I hope this gets tons of entrants. Thanks!
Chase Lewis [Vid] 8 years ago
Neato, I'll have to keep this in the back of my mind and start searching for ideas.
Tekka Croe 8 years ago
Well, I'm in. I've been needing something to do with my steampunk parts pile...
2 Much Caffeine 8 years ago

Good news! The man who started the group off - "manofredearth" - will also be one of our judges for this competition.
zachmoe 8 years ago
So. damn. tempting...Maybe this will get me off my ass and back into build mode...
NewRight 8 years ago
Custom Elements such as BrickForge, BrickArms, Arealight, etc.? Are they allowed? Maybe I missed it.
eldeeem 8 years ago
How about self-customs, such as painted parts?
pjcountach 8 years ago
I might give this a try.
gambort PRO 8 years ago
This is a tops competition. Made me finally join the group. Excellent idea!
Zåçh Ç 8 years ago
^ I agree, and since I have never built Steampunk before, this should be quite fun.
_Matn 8 years ago
Or how to make people getting interested in Steampunk. I'll give this a try! =D
Adrian Florea 8 years ago
I don't know how I never knew this group existed. I blame the new Flickr Layout that doesn't even let me see new discussions.

Great idea for a contest. I'll build.
2 Much Caffeine 8 years ago

No customised or painted bricks allowed, but custom weapons (Brickarms, Brickforge etc) are fine. Custom stickers are allowed.

Great news to hear so many people are interested - spread the word!
NewRight 8 years ago
Glad to here about custom elements. Hairpieces included? Arealight, Kaminoan, etc.?
2 Much Caffeine 8 years ago

Custom hairpieces are ok too. So that's guns and knives and wigs and stickers. Nothing else.
Paulo Castanho 8 years ago
Nice, I'm in
eldeeem 8 years ago
How many entries are allowed; one per person per class, or unlimited?
2 Much Caffeine 8 years ago
As it says up top - no limit on number of entries but no SMALL BUILD entry can form part of a subsequent BIG BUILD entry.
OK, I think I have posted the 1st official entry ( free build )

May the posting begin!
delucks 8 years ago
Wow... I am going to start building steampunkishly.
delucks 8 years ago
Success! I am the second offical entry, and first small build!
Crimson Wolf 8 years ago
Someone (an admin) should make an official entries discussion.
Ɍaillery 8 years ago
I have posted an inspirational example of what a steampunk remix could look like, though it is not an entry. One week down, seven more to go...
Ɍaillery 8 years ago
I'm not an admin, but I'll start an entry discussion.
delucks 8 years ago
Thanks Pain Parade.
n_nick29 8 years ago
im in!
n_nick29 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by n_nick29 (member) 8 years ago
How do ya put pichures on?
I made life sized things is that ok?
2 Much Caffeine 8 years ago
^ Sorry mate, not sure I understand the questions. Pictures of entries (no more than 3 per entry) should be posted in the Lego Steampunk Group pool - you have to be a member of the group to post. Entries should be tagged with the appropriate tag for the category as outlined in the rules post at the top of this topic.

"Life-sized things" sounds intriguing. What are you on about?
curtydc 8 years ago
sounds like fun. I'm glad I've still got time before the deadline, but I don't know if I'll do it or not (school started up, so less free time), I'm going to try though!
n_nick29 8 years ago
how do you put the pitchers on the posting page?
2 Much Caffeine 8 years ago
^ Post a reply in the entries topic and ff you'd like to include a Flickr photo simply copy and paste its URL between square brackets.

Square brackets are these ones - [ ]
Viorel Birsan 8 years ago
I'm in :). This will be my first competition but i promise not to disappoint anyone.
Andrea "Nuke" Massa 8 years ago
Hi all, i'm Andrea and i have joined this group because i want try to partecipate to the "Agents of the Imperial Crown" competition.
I have one question, maybe is a stupid question but before i submit my creation i want know if there is a problem or there are any restriction for certain nations of the partecipants.
I'm from Italy, can i partecipate to the competition?

sorry for this question, and thanks in advance for the answers.
(sorry too for my bad english...)
delucks 8 years ago
I think your English is fine, Andrea- better than some people I know :-)
Andrea "Nuke" Massa 8 years ago
Thank you, i try to improve my english each day :-)
2 Much Caffeine 8 years ago
^ Hi Andrea...

There are no restrictions on nationality. Your entry is very welcome.
Andrea "Nuke" Massa 8 years ago
I have submitted my creation yesterday, i hope to have done it well, if something is missing (tag, description, or other) please tell me, is my first time here at Flickr.
Thank you!
Cole Blaq PRO 8 years ago
Hmm, sounds great.
I always wanted to build some steampunk'd stuff. I might take this opportunity and give it a try-out...
Sir Nadroj 8 years ago
My entry is in. A really, really fun build!
Just.Sie 7 years ago
Can I do the small vehicles From Mobile Command Center for the small build?
2 Much Caffeine 7 years ago
^ Yep legoman31 - as long as you clearly indicate which vehicles you are remixing then that will be fine.
Hǻrry 7 years ago
Is anyone gonna do a steam train version of the MCC? That would be awesome.
NewRight 7 years ago
Entry in. Plenty of SteamPunk for everyone!
Ɍaillery 7 years ago
Everyone, it's February 1st. That means that there's only one month left! We have had a good amount of entries so far, but the entry categories are pretty unbalanced. Most of them are small builds, and there are only a few large builds and only one (legit) free build. My advice to you all would be to try entering in the large entry and especially free build categories, as those are less populated. Good luck!
bionicbadboi 7 years ago
If custom stickers are okay, but not painted parts, how about painted faces?

...My new pack of decal slip paper hasn't arrived yet.
Cole Blaq PRO 7 years ago
Go large!
hehehe, nice words Pain Parade.
2 Much Caffeine 7 years ago
^ bionicbadboi

Painted bricks are not allowed, but if any painting is limited to a face only and there seems to be a compelling reason for it (ie. the MOC would just not be right without the particular expression you need) then the Judges will consider it.
Cole Blaq PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Cole Blaq (member) 7 years ago
hi 2 much caffeine,

regarding the regulations and tags of the entries I have a question.
if i build a steamboat from the speederboat chase and the small sideboat, the original set would be nearly complete. the amount of bricks included in the mocs and the size of the speederboat is in no relation to eg the jetpack suit... i feel that a speederboat of the size i aim for is more likely a big build. Maybe it should then be tagged as a free build even it is a direct adaption of the speederboat? i can send you fotos but would like this clear before uploading and entering the contest.

cole blaq

Note: Which fonts were used for the contest flyer if i may ask?
2 Much Caffeine 7 years ago
^ Sorry I've not responded sooner.

If you've totally recreated a set, then we'll consider it first in the Large Build category. If it doesn't qualify for some reason then we'll automatically look at it as a Small Build.

The Judges are a fairly relaxed bunch - if an entry doesn't meet the criteria for a particular category, we'll automatically consider it for another appropriate category without people having to re-enter it or anything like that.

At the very least, an entry will always be considered in the Free Build category.
2 Much Caffeine 7 years ago
Entries are now closed.

Judging has begun and we hope to make an announcement in the middle of March.

Thanks for all the entries and congratulations on such a high standard from everyone. Judging is not going to be easy.
2 Much Caffeine 7 years ago
LEGO Steampunk Competition Teaser by 2 Much Caffeine

The judging process is almost complete. Watch this space.
LEGO Steampunk Competition - "And the winners are..." by 2 Much Caffeine

LEGO Steampunk Competition - High Commendations by 2 Much Caffeine

(Posters by 2 Much Caffeine)

Congratulations to the winners, and a general "Good Job!" all around - there were a lot of fantastic entries!
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