Thank you

Nathalie Derlincourt 9:24am, 9 March 2014
I'm very happy to be part of the 52 in 2014 group, and ready to challenge my creativity, have a great day (sunny sunday morning here)
Helen in Wales 4 years ago
I also just wanted to say thank you for letting me join. I only just found this group and I look forward to sharing photos with you.

I know I have joined a bit late, but I have been taking my own weekly photos this year and with luck some of them will fit the topics. Taking photos for the others will be an interesting challenge! :)
Stuart.67 PRO 4 years ago
Well I've just posted my final picture for the year!
I'd like to thank all the admins for setting this group up and challenging us all through out the year to stretch our creativity. I've enjoy participating and look forward to 52 in 2015?

Thanks again
Kitty W PRO 4 years ago
Helen in Wales:

Hi Helen ... I am ashamed to say I've only just found this thread. I'm so sorry it's taken me this long! Hopefully you've managed to complete most of the topics, and have enjoyed being part of the group! :)
Kitty W PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kitty W (admin) 4 years ago

Hi Stuart,
Firstly, congratulations on completing the challenge! Secondly, someone else asked about a 52 in 2015 challenge, earlier today. I plan to do a personal 365 next year, so doubt I'll have time to do a 52 in 2015 challenge, but if there are enough people to want to do a 52 in 2015 project, I am happy and willing to help set up and run the group for it - on the condition that a couple of other people who ARE going to take part, are happy to volunteer to be admins. It's not a terribly onerous task, but does involve keeping an eye on the group, admitting new members, and patrolling the discussion threads. To which end, I would like to thank Judy and Mark for doing sterling work in being fellow admins this year. I doubt I will do another 365 in 2016 (hoping to make it an alternate year project - I did one in 2013) so may well be back to participate in any 52 in 2016 challenge group.

If any of you WOULD like to do it all again next year, perhaps you could post here, and also put forward any suggestions you have for subjects to be 'achieved' over the year.
Stuart.67 PRO 4 years ago
I don't mind taking a turn at assisting with the admin role for next year.
colin.smith18 PRO 4 years ago
I'd love to take part - it has been a great challenge and has really made me think when considering the subjects.
flowrwolf 4 years ago
Thanking the fabulous admins who make our lives so easy!! Applause....
BGDL PRO 3 years ago
Belatedly, I have completed last year's challenge!! I'm in the 2015 Group and pledge to upload my two photos on a weekly basis! So far, I've managed that!!

Thanks for a wonderful 2014 Group and thanks also to Kitty and Judy!
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