Kitty W 4:11pm, 29 December 2013
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Mothercat2013 5 years ago
16 - Abstract or Pattern Shot
I'd never noticed or appreciated the beautiful colour and design on the nut from a gum tree before I spotted this one lying on the ground this evening, and thought I could sneak it in as a Pattern Shot ... :)
robh4754 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by robh4754 (member) 5 years ago
Abstract 2014-1

It is a refracted view of Christmas Tree lights shot through a thick art deco blown glass bowl that has uneven thicknesses and strings of deep blue and green glass infused in random patterns
hcorper 5 years ago
Abstract green
A net bag which contains Brussel sprouts.
Stuart.67 5 years ago
Paper abstract

Some coloured sheets of paper, lit from underneath with an off camera flash.
Dick Dixon 67 5 years ago
1 of 52 Theme 16 Abstract Pattern shot

Backlit slinky
judy4652 5 years ago
Primary Abstract Circle
SteveJM2009 5 years ago
Nature's patterns
Cheryl Wiens 5 years ago
To see the world...
raggi di sole 5 years ago
Blue Lava
Caz Ann 5 years ago
Abstract bridge
sure2talk 5 years ago
wakeybluenose 5 years ago
Buildings near The O2 Greenwich, London
16. Pattern Shot (52 in 2014) by wakeybluenose
spotless mountain [deleted] 5 years ago
AgneseS. 5 years ago
Abstract shot 2014
Bertie Bassett25 5 years ago
Under the Pier
a100tim Posted 5 years ago. Edited by judy4652 (admin) 5 years ago
Abstract in Blue

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flowrwolf 5 years ago
Trippy vanishing point
yorkshirepudding76 5 years ago
16. Abstract/Pattern Shot (11/52)
Peter Jaspers 5 years ago
We build too many walls and not enough bridges (Isaac Newton)
Liz McMahon 5 years ago
Looking through a glass onion...
colin.smith18 5 years ago
em*t Posted 5 years ago. Edited by judy4652 (admin) 5 years ago
week eight twenty fourteen

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ipost4u (Chris) 5 years ago
amanda_fernandes 5 years ago
inquisitive credit [deleted] 5 years ago
abstract. pattern
aussiegall 5 years ago
Ivy on a wall
judy dean Posted 5 years ago. Edited by judy4652 (admin) 5 years ago
Into the unknown

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Durley Beachbum 5 years ago
merv52 5 years ago
Mysterious Reflections
Turned out darker than planned.
Group 52in 2014 # 116 Abstract
phantomswife Posted 5 years ago. Edited by phantomswife (member) 5 years ago
Going Green
♥GreenTea♥ Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ♥GreenTea♥ (member) 5 years ago
16/52 : Abstract
tmattioni 5 years ago
City Abstract
BGDL 5 years ago
Abstract Seascape!
rosipaw 5 years ago
morning reflections
crafty1tutu (Ann) 5 years ago
52 in 2014 - 16. Abstract/Pattern Shot
dubyaveee 5 years ago
Shady spot
Croquet Ball
cgullz 5 years ago
in yr eye!
biankahoff 5 years ago
Sand Snakes by biankahoff
hapsnaps 5 years ago
Smile, it's Monday :-)
Dikke Biggie. 5 years ago
Just like coral.
pikespice 5 years ago
Day 198: Through a Drinking Glass
anne.g 5 years ago
Algie Moncrief 5 years ago
20140716_117976 : 52 in 2014 : #16 Pattern
AshTree25 5 years ago
Cooking with Gas?
neilmorrell1964 5 years ago
#16 - Abstract Pattern
paula-d 4 years ago
London Reflections
Missy2004 4 years ago
Highland Cow
Cora's Pictures 4 years ago
Metal Abstract
odell_rd 4 years ago
The statement
Week 36
Kitty W 4 years ago
general stew [deleted] 4 years ago
through a web pinkly
..Ania. 4 years ago
mmieker 4 years ago
16# ??????
steffer7 4 years ago
Rood Rood              2 photo´s
DaveWilcock 4 years ago
Groups Beta