2. Winter

Kitty W PRO 4:06pm, 29 December 2013
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pikespice PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by pikespice (member) 5 years ago
We rarely get snow where I live, so winter to me means bare trees.

Cottonwood Tree in Winter
treehuggerdcg PRO 5 years ago
Icy Blue
LizKB Photography 5 years ago
Winter in Maryland
Calvin & Susana Rempel Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Calvin & Susana Rempel (member) 5 years ago
Manitoba Winter
Winter 2014
lfranscoviak 5 years ago
♥GreenTea♥ 5 years ago
2/52 : Winter
Jeff* PRO 5 years ago
Lance Creek Campground
Katie-Rose PRO 5 years ago
River Severn in flood
Rock_Faerie 5 years ago
Winter by Rock_Faerie
tmattioni PRO 5 years ago
Jeffferz 5 years ago
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
diamonds on the soles of her shoes
AgneseS. 5 years ago
Reykjavik, 01
Nigel Nudds Photography PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by judy4652 (admin) 5 years ago
Week 2
BGDL PRO 5 years ago
We live right on the coast and therefore rarely do we get snow but what we do get often and particularly through our winter months is loads of rain and gale force winds - our esplanade was overflown with the very high tides!!

3 ~ 365
raggi di sole PRO 5 years ago
Crystal Water
phantomswife Posted 5 years ago. Edited by phantomswife (member) 5 years ago
A Dusting of Snow
attractive guitar [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by judy4652 (admin) 5 years ago
SNOWSTORM #49 & #2 Winter
..Ania. PRO 5 years ago
is not going away...
Cora's Pictures PRO 5 years ago
Ice in the Stream #1
em*t 5 years ago
week four twenty fourteen
Durley Beachbum PRO 5 years ago
Water lily
robh4754 PRO 5 years ago
Northern Mocking Bird
Caz Ann 5 years ago
Snow on azalea leaves
Prepared for winter...
Algie Moncrief PRO 5 years ago
20140119_110809 : 52 in 2014 : #2 Winter
Dikke Biggie. PRO 5 years ago
merv52 5 years ago
Winter Aconites
judy4652 PRO 5 years ago
Winter Flowering Jasmine
hcorper 5 years ago
The frozen lake
maisy'n'daisy 5 years ago

snow today ... 11.02.14 ... xox
spotless mountain [deleted] 5 years ago
#2 Dutch winter
50 in 2014 -- #2 Winter
DaveWilcock 4 years ago
Cleveleys Pomenade.
dubyaveee 4 years ago
odell_rd 4 years ago
Cheryl Wiens PRO 4 years ago
Winter trails
hapsnaps 4 years ago
The End of Winter
amanda_fernandes PRO 4 years ago
walking in the snow
Kitty W PRO 4 years ago
Winter Skies
colin.smith18 PRO 4 years ago
Tonbridge Castle and Spring crocuses
Stuart.67 PRO 4 years ago
Yvonne and Samuel 4 years ago
ODC - Wet
cgullz 4 years ago
oh buoy!
crafty1tutu (Ann) PRO 4 years ago
52 in 2014 - #2. Winter
ipost4u (Chris) 4 years ago
Winter sun, morning coffee .......bliss.
Dick Dixon 67 PRO 4 years ago
End of the road....
flowrwolf 4 years ago
Koala on skates
steffer7 4 years ago
In the barn
Liz McMahon PRO 4 years ago
Winter's over ......thank goodness.
paula-d PRO 4 years ago
Winter Trees
anne.g 4 years ago
neilmorrell1964 PRO 4 years ago
52 in 2014 - 2 Winter
Missy2004 PRO 4 years ago
A Winters Day
Alicia Valdés 4 years ago
Day 8 - Dingboche - Lobuche (8).jpg
sure2talk PRO 4 years ago
winter morning
wakeybluenose 4 years ago
02. Winter (52 in 2014) by wakeybluenose
mmieker 4 years ago
2# Lekker warm
rosipaw 4 years ago
here today, gone tomorrow
SteveJM2009 PRO 4 years ago
Winter sunshine
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