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Kitty W ADMIN November 11, 2014
To see the list of 52 subjects, click on 'About' and scroll down. Please remember to include the number and title of the subject to which you are adding your photo. Then post it in small size in the appropriate discussion thread.

Group Description

A relatively simple challenge for 2014.

The aim of this group is to try to complete the low-key challenge of 52 pictures over the course of 2014, using the topic list below as a guide. You may go in any order you wish, and the use of photo editing & textures are okay. Interpret each subject as freely and imaginatively as you wish. We ask that you add no more than two (2) images to the group pool in any one week (a week will run from weekend to weekend); that way nobody can finish the challenge until at least the middle of the year, whilst any late-comers can still have time to complete the list of subjects.

This is intended to be a low-pressure challenge, with the emphasis on friendly participation and interaction amongst group members. The subjects are deliberately wide-ranging to allow for personal interpretation.

After you've added your image to the Group Pool, click on the link in the list below, and post your picture in small size, in the thread. (You can do this by clicking on the icon with the arrow coming out of a box, below right of your image on your page. Choose the option 'Grab the HTML/BBCode', making sure 'HTML' is chosen at the bottom of that box. From the drop down menu choose the 'Small' size option. Then simply copy the code, and paste into the box in the relevant discussion thread). If you could add a few words in the image description to let us know which category you intend it for, that's helpful. It enables those scrolling through the Group Pool to instantly see which theme you are filling with your picture. Many thanks.

Please join with the intent of participating and completing all 52 subjects.

We don't want to impose loads of rules, but it is obvious from the group title that pictures in the group pool should be taken in 2014; and you are only allowed to have 52 images in your final set/list - that is only one image per subject.

This is a family-friendly group, so please don't post pictures that might embarrass anyone.

If you'd like to leave a link back to this group in a comment please copy and paste the code below (between the lines) and paste it into your comment.


<i>Seen in</i> <a href=><b>52 in 2014</b></a>


It should look like this:- Seen in 52 in 2014

The list of topics for this year is as follows:-

1. An Achievement
2. Winter
3. Rain
4. Glass
5. Street Photography
6. Feline
7. Green
8. A Smile
9. Halloween
10. Door or Doorway
11. Silver(y)
12. Fruity
13. Cold
14. Represent a Song with An Image
15. Something beginning with ‘P’
16. Abstract/Pattern Shot
17. A Weed
18. Canine
19. A Treat
20. Spring
21. Music
22. Movement
23. Spots or Dots
24. Stripes
25. Headwear
26. Sunflare
27. Insect or Spider
28. Gold(en)
29. Unfinished/Incomplete
30. Beverage
31. Rough Texture
32. Summer
33. Footwear
34. Berry/Berries
35. Water
36. Heart
37. Bright Pink
38. Handmade
39. Portrait
40. Square
41. Black and White
42. Chocolate
43. Game
44. Happiness is ...
45. Shadow(s)
46. Button(s)
47. Came in the Post/Mail
48. Fog, Mist or Smoke
49. Autumn
50. Equine
51. Daisy
52. Time

Group Rules

No more than two (2) pictures to be posted per week

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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