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asonihendriawan20111998 says:

Investment make money. When the country appears the stock, it can be argued that the system of market relations it is already installed. So what is the stock markets of stocks, bonds and other securities, and how they function? We will try to understand.
The stock market is a specially organized space where owners of securities and investors willing these securities to buy. All kinds of transactions, such as purchase and sale are made with the help of members of the exchange, such as brokers, brokers, etc., who act as intermediaries.
The main (and global) target market is to facilitate the establishment of a mechanism for attracting investments into the economy. This mechanism is just and begins to act when those who have the need for additional funds (the company issuing shares on the stock exchange), get money from those who want to invest excess capital and to receive income (ordinary citizens acting as private investors, investment funds and other buyers of securities). investing www.moneyonlineinvestment.com
5:34AM, 26 February 2015 PDT (permalink)

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