latumilna 7:31am, 3 March 2017
BZPower Flickr Contest - March 2017

I hope you enjoyed your break, because the competition is back on! But don't get overly competitive or anything; we're gathered here as a community to learn from and build upon each other. I tell little LEGO joke. And what happens if you come out on top of this contest? The winner gets a story about their MOC on the front page of, as well as a real live* 71308 Tahu - Uniter of Fire and 71303 Ikir - Creature of Fire!

To enter, submit your MOC to this group and then post a link to it right here. You only get one entry per contest, though, so make it count! We'll keep a separate list going, so you can see just who's entered. Remember: voting takes place on BZPower, so grab an account if you plan on voting!

Now get going!


You have from now until Saturday, March 18th at 11:59 P.M. EST to enter your MOC. To enter, submit a picture of your MOC to the BZPower Flickr group and then post a link to that picture below. One entry per person, please.


Voting Process:

Preliminary Voting begins March 20th and ends March 23rd at 11:59 P.M. EST.
Final Voting begins March 23rd and ends March 25th at 11:59 P.M. EST.
The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on March 26th.



1) Entries may not have been posted on BZPower prior to the start of the contest. It can be posted anywhere else before the contest, but it must never have been seen before on BZPower. Once entered, entries cannot be modified: you're committed to what you've entered. If you withdraw your entry, you cannot enter again that contest. If your entry is disqualified, you cannot enter again that contest.

2) Painted parts, non-LEGO parts, and parts edited in Photoshop are not permitted and will disqualify you. All other LEGO pieces are permitted, but the entry must be at least 75% Bionicle/Hero Factory/Technic.

3) Keep it clean, keep it civil. No flaming, no whining. Unsporting conduct will just get you disqualified.

4) Campaigning for votes (mass-PMing, etc), using multiple accounts to skew voting, and sundry other methods of cheating are only going to end in tears for you. Trust us: we'll know when you're doing it.



The winner will receive a 71308 Tahu - Uniter of Fire, 71303 Ikir - Creature of Fire, and a story about their MOC on the front page. Thanks to LEGO for providing the Tahu and Ikir!


Contest Host:

latumilna (Tufi Piyufi)

Well, what are you waiting for? Get building!

Voxumo 2 years ago
Well might as well submit one of my better photos/mocs as of late.
Bonele in "You're Next."
"You're next."
[ Chro ] 2 years ago
Ekimu_Toa_of_Creation 2 years ago
Here's my entry: Defense Sentinel W.A.M.W
-Disty- 2 years ago
Logey Bear 2 years ago
Tapahi the Green

Tapahi the Green by Logey Bear
0nuku 2 years ago
Let's try this then...

12 Days - Overwatch Symmetra
Lord-Oblivion 2 years ago
Speed Demon

Speed Demon
Prhymus PRO 2 years ago

HERAKLES by Prhymus
Wwaazzaaff 2 years ago

Djokson PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Djokson (member) 2 years ago
Yargool the Ripper
Yargool the Ripper by Djokson
Ziontyro 2 years ago
_Cocoa_ 2 years ago
Makuta (MOV)
Makuta (MOV) by _Cocoa_
Poor Disadvantaged Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Poor Disadvantaged (member) 2 years ago
Jano by Poor Disadvantaged
kanohi_ko_llector Posted 2 years ago. Edited by kanohi_ko_llector (member) 2 years ago
latumilna 2 years ago
And that's it for the entry period. See you all later for voting!
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