easy jump [deleted] 3:02am, 30 September 2014
Candice Doyle & Christina Tischler I really am working on your gifts. I am so sorry I have gotten so far behind. I have 2 very good piles of stuff for you both, but the handmade items are not finished. I will be sending them out no later than Friday this week. Again I am truly sorry for them being so late. I will post when they are mailed!

Renae Capizzano & Darcy Childress you are both up for October. Do you have any favorite colors or wishes? Please post some ideas so we can get started on your birthday gifts!

darcydivine 4 years ago
Hi all! Sorry I'm late replying to this but Fall is my favorite season and I love fall colors, pumpkins, leaves - basically everything fall. I'll be happy with whatever you have time to make (seriously I'm really easy). I'm not a coffee drinker (but I love mug rugs and coffee mugs - crazy I know) and I don't like dark chocolate but otherwise anything goes. I also love mini quilts!! Other hobbies are baking and reading. Hope everyone's Autumn is off to a good start :-)

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