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September Birthday!

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misslucyboutique says:

It's Christina's turn!! What are your favorite colors, likes, dislikes...
6:46AM, 19 August 2014 PDT (permalink)

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Hand Maden Goods says:

I saw christina hadn't responded. I did email her an she said she'd get on and reply
47 months ago (permalink)

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Main Street Creations says:

Hi ladies! So sorry about not checking this thread :) I have it on my laptop, and have only been on my phone for the last while, lol!

Soooo... my favourite colours I'd have to say are yellow, green, purple, light blue, pastels, basically anything cheery. I'm pretty easy going, and like to stay positive, and cheery colours always help with that :)

I'm a big fan of words and quotes; love flowers, gardening, and anything creative...

I enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, (mug rugs are an idea ;), I love our chickens, and my two daughters (Jessica and Amanda) who both start school all day every day next week! So crazy!!!!

I hope this helps! It's kinda hard to write down all my likes, hee hee!

See you all on instagram! XOX

46 months ago (permalink)

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