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How about a list of favorite colors, likes and dislikes etc...
Hand Maden Goods 4 years ago
I will be turning 28 this year, but my birthday will be overshadowed by my daughters 4th birthday, whose is the day before me... I don't mind though, she was one hell of a birthday gift. lol. I have been married to my husband 5 years, but have been with him for 9. He works so that I can stay home with our daughter, which is the best gift a spouse could give their significant other.

I am an avid crocheter, and have also taught myself to sew and knit. I do not have a favorite designer, as i usually buy whatever looks good and works for my pattern.

I like to think my favorite color is all of them. I honestly don't have one color I like more than the rest. Although, I do like different color combinations, like ones that feature gray, orange, purple and blue (periwinkle blue). But not the rainbow itself.

I don't eat much candy, but if I do, it is usually a really good piece of chocolate.
I am lactose intolerant, so can't have any dairy, not even a little, which is why i tend to splurge a little on chocolate bars that have no dairy or whey in them.

I am not a fan of sour candy in any form, it just makes my whole body cringe and pucker, its weird i know, but I am cringing right now typing about it.

I love tea and coffee, and drink one or the other (sometimes both) everyday. I am slowly growing my tea collection, and am constantly on the lookout for different tea infusers. I also have a love for pens, cool looking pens, or fine tipped pens, or just pens in general.

If I had to make a wish list, I would put some of these things on it:
mug rugs
anything that helps me organize
decor of any type
**this list is not even close to being complete***

I really am very easy to please, so make whatever you like and I will be extremely happy just to get something in the mail other than junk and credit card offers! lol

but seriously anything you make is great for me, it doens't even have to be on my wish list

I think that's it, but if you have any questions, let me know.
misslucyboutique 4 years ago
Hello Everyone!

I will also be turning 28 this June and I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby! We just found out that we are having a boy so I am very excited to start making projects for our little one!! Since Sarah Jane is one of my favorite illustrators, I will be using Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric from 2012 to decorate his nursery!! I picked the nautical fabrics to decorate in that line in navy and medium blue (minus the pirate ones) shown in this picture here: www.flickr.com/photos/100916608@N04/13983282571/ ! I would absolutely love to decorate his nursery with H.B. Express gifts and think of you every time I go in there!

If not, I absolutely LOVE the combination of medium blue (close to periwinkle like Ericka said) & white! Almost all of my furniture in my house is either white or medium blue. I love stripes and polka dots. For more ideas check out this picture collage I made for a sewing retreat and I unfortunately had to back out of because of my pregnancy! www.flickr.com/photos/100916608@N04/12172812495/

I am originally from Maine but moved to FL to swim for Florida State University (Go ‘Noles!) and I now work for FSU Athletics remotely from Miami, FL. I love to swim and run and I cannot wait to be a mom for the first time!!

Am I missing anything?! I love Swedish Fish because my mom used to always give them to me before my swim meets when I was little. I also like Sour Patch Kids, especially the red ones :) I love anything made out of chocolate and peanut butter. I am always looking for yummy recipes because I love to bake and really should make more time for it.

Let me know if you have any questions! I cannot wait until June :)
misslucyboutique 4 years ago
Oh and PS. I LOVE LUCY!! I really do love anything and everything that has to do with I Love Lucy! My husband is Cuban and I have reddish hair so when we first started dating everyone called me Lucy! I had never heard of that show before then but now I have watched every episode at least 7 times! So funny!
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